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OPEN THREAD: Game #10 - Warriors @ Celtics

Warriors (W-L): 3-6

Celtics (W-L): 8-1

Vegas Odds Celtics by 9.5 (Source: Yahoo)

Time: 4:30 PM PST (FSN Bay Area)

Clearly, the quintessential Warriors fan had evolved in recent years. Rising from the bottom scraps NBA, the Warriors of recent years (or rather, year) have amazed, shocked, and baffled fans of the Warriors and the NBA to no end. And not just in a good way.

Let's face it. We are one of the most volatile teams in the league. No one really knows when the Warriors are going to implode or erupt. (Least of all Warriors fans!) All I know is when we do decide to get together and play as a team, the mighty have fallen in our wake. Last season we claimed victories over giants like Detroit, Utah, San Antonio, Phoenix and I'm pretty we even got a few against the Dallas Mavericks. I'll have to check that one out for sure. *Insert annoying smirk here.*

So I ask you. "Why not Boston?!" And I know your answers. "Garnett. Pierce. Allen. Away game. Best record in the NBA." Compelling points indeed.

Honestly, I have no answer. Boston has been stomping the league with its incredible trio and has so far lived up to every bit of hype garnered in the offseason. I know that we have a team capable of winning, but a lot of things have to go right. They have a tremendous amount of weapons to contain, and we're going to need to make a solid attempt to crash the boards, run plays that give us smarter shots, and (dear god) MAKE OUR FREE THROWS to even stand a chance in tonight's contest.


Now I know how Luke felt.

Keep your fingers crossed tonight Warriors Nation. We're trying to catch a bus to Upset City.

Predictions: Thanks for the reminder semarubaka!

1) Garnett steps all over Andris like Mario over so many Koopa Troopas.
2) Baron posterizes KG; Boston fans respond by hurling clam chowder.
3) Ray Allen uses the word "wicked" in an argument with the refs.
4) Warriors by 1.


Be sure to stop by and show some love to our SB Nation friends at Green Bandwagon to get a Celtics point of view on tonight's events.

Update (Fantasy Junkie): Boxscore (

Update 2 (Atma Brother #1): Warriors lose a "close" one in Boston 82-105.

Stay tuned for the recap...

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