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RECAP: Warriors 82, Celtics 105 - So Long Upset City. Hellooooo Brick City!

Well that was good ol' fashioned beatdown, wasn't it?!

Granted it was deserved; we really did nothing throughout the course of the game to stop it, but man that was a solid molly-whoppin'! Thorough too! I mean, the Celts certainly didn't play at their A-level but they still beat us collectively on boards, dimes, swats, shooting percentages... and oh yea, let's not forget about points.

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It's easy to start up an analysis on tonight's events by blaming the loss on the fact that we just played last night. It's easy to blame it on the fact that we're on the road. It's perhaps easiest to blame it on the fact that Barnes and Al, integral parts of our team, didn't play. But the fact of the matter is; we'll really never know if those were the reasons that we lost. Because I can confidently say that the remnants of our squad that stepped on the court tonight did not even play close to their ability. It looked ugly out there tonight. Chris Kaman ugly. (And that fool is UGLY.)


Yup. That ugly.

Barnes and Al couldn't save what happened tonight. Hell, KG swapping teams during halftime may not have saved it. Although I must say, the man would look GREAT in a Dubs outfit. (Have we beaten this dead horse hard enough yet?)

It was all wrong from the start. From opening tip-off to ending buzzer, the Warriors simply couldn't find a rhythm. Careless turnovers, brick after brick after brick after brick; even Jax picking up 3 fouls in the first quarter! If it could have gone wrong, it went wrong. And every time it did, one of the Boston Three Party was there to remind us of our mistakes. I, much like Fitzgerald, spend most of the game wondering how we weren't down by more points.

Let's hit some notes of interest:

Beatdown Bulletin:

  • If there's such a thing as cross-eyed juice, we drank some with breakfast this morning. Tonight the Warriors "nailed" 29 out of 87 total shots; or a mere third. To put it in perspective, the Celts hit that exact same percentage just from beyond the arc. Major brick-layers included Kabuki at 1 for 7, Boom at 3 for 13, The Cap'n at 4 for 15, and (sad to say), Stallone at 1 for 9. Marco logged some serious minutes tonight. I was really hoping to see him nail some of his jumpers.

  • Speaking of the long bombs, let's take a moment to collectively wretch at 4 for 22 from deep.

  • Wright showed some excellent glimmers tonight. In his limited minutes he dragged down 9 boards (4 of them on offense!) and nailed a few solid buckets. He still looks a little nervous out there but I'm glad to see him have a nice outing. We easily forget sometimes that he is still a boy among men.

  • Monta! Where you been man?! We missed you! Did you read Atma's recap on the Knicks game last night or something?!

    "Bold prediction: Monta's not a Warrior past the February trading deadline." - Atma Brother ONE, 11/20/07

    Now I'm not saying my man Atma is wrong about that, but by all means, keep trying to prove him wrong. Good hustle out there tonight!

  • Gotta give it to Boom and Monta for forcing the turnovers tonight. Unfortunately, we did nothing to capitalize on the steals, but their hands were quick nonetheless.

Well there's not really much more to say. Truly Garnett, Pierce, Allen and the Celts as a whole are living up to the hype. Facing off against them tonight served as an excellent reality check of how cohesive the Warriors truly are. While it would have been nice to be partying in Upset City right now, unfortunately, most of the game felt like this:

Granted, there were a lot fewer rabbits making out on the court.


Gotta give this one to Money Monta. It's been a tough season for him so far but tonight his game fell back into place. Solid 10-15 shooting and 4 jacks is enough to send you home with the prize. Now go shoot 100 free throws and hit the lockers.

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