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GSoF: Week 11 Recap and Week 12 Picks

Thanksgiving - the day of great food, quality family time, and some extra servings of football!

Make sure to peep all three games this Thanksgiving!

But before we hit into who's going to win those games and the rest of this week's games, let's take a look at who's thankful for their performances last week!

Terrell Owens must have woken up last Sunday morning, munched on his Cocoa Puffs, and asked himself, "How many TDs can I score today?" 4 Mr. T.O. 4. Dallas fans, be thankful that Owens is as he says, "playing out of [his] mind," and is the 2nd best WR in the league.


Later that day, Randy Moss asked himself, "Can I match TO on TDs?" The answer - yes. Moss now has 16 TDs (6 shy up Jerry Rice's record of 22 TDs in a single season) and 1052 receiving yards. Patriots fans, be thankful that Randy Moss is nothing like he was with the Raiders.


Big ups to Joski for going 10-6 and winning twice in a row! Looks like your theory of picking the underdogs didn't work Fantasy Junkie! Joski - hit us up through e-mail and we'll toss another prize to ya!

Just out of curiosity, how come the Patriots don't play the Redskins on Thanksgiving Day? Wouldn't that only make sense?

Click Read More to see my Thanksgiving and Week 12 Predictions!


Week 12 Matchups  
Packers (9-1) @
Detroit (6-4)
For appetizer, we lucky fans have the best Packer team since 1962 as they reached a 9-1 record last week! Even Favre wasn't playing then! I'm looking to toss on some mashed potatoes with another Packer win, which would basical seal the NFC North division title for them!
Jets (2-8) @
Cowboys (9-1)
For the main course, we all can look forward to being full off of Romo-TO TDs as the Cowboys are looking forward to dominating the weak Jets. I even expect to take in a helping of Marion Barber abusing the weak Jets run defense. Sure, the Jets had a huge upset against the Steelers last week, but I don't forsee another one of those coming up anytime soon. Besides, who's heard of a Thanksgiving miracle?
Colts (8-2) @
Falcons (3-7)
For dessert, there won't be Pumpkin Pie this year, but instead, some left-over cooked bird. Both Peyton and Vinatieri are slipping faster than Britney Spears' musical career, but how can they not bounce back against the crappy Falcons? Harrington's back...and we all know that means - bad times for the Falcons!
Saints (4-6) @
Panthers (4-6)
Here's what I don't get. David Carr was the #1 pick a few years ago, failed in Houston, was picked up by the Panthers to be a backup, got his opportunity when Delhomme went down with a season-ending injury, and now he's backing up Vinny Testaverde? Can't say Carr didn't get his chances... What about the Saints? They just lost 2 straight against under .500 teams. So I'm going to go with...Carolina?
Texans (5-5) @
Browns (6-4)
Cleveland pulled off the most ridiculous win I've ever seen (I think that's twice I've said that about them this season) and special teams player Josh Cribbs is showing to be as dangerous as Devin Hester. The Texans looked great last week and the Schaub-Johnson combo is as dangerous as Romo-TO and Brady-Moss. Homefield wins this one.
Seahawks (6-4) @
Rams (2-8)
Fine, the Rams won 2 straight but that means nothing. The Seahawks are going to pounce all over the Rams.
Redskins (5-5) @
Buccaneers (6-4)
The Bucs are surprising us all as they continue to succeed despite all the injuries throughout their team. Garcia looked great last week, but their defense exploded with 4 sacks and 4 turnovers. Meanwhile, Jason Campbell and the Redskins show flashes of talent, but choke when things really start to matter. Go Bucs!
Titans (6-4) @
Bengals (3-7)
The Titans lose when Vince Young throws over 200 yards. Gameplan? Have VY and LenDale White run all over the weak Bengals D.
Bills (5-5) @
Jaguars (7-3)
The Bills D looked like a buncha high school players by letting the Patriots score 56 points last week. The Jags - they're quietly winning games without being given any mention as being one of the top teams of the league. Anyone see Maurice Jones-Drew's block on Shawne Merrimen last week? Talk about Light's Out!
Vikings (4-6) @
Giants (7-3)
What happens when Adrian Peterson doesn't play for the Vikings? Chester Taylor decides to go nuts with 164 rushing yards and 3 TDs! I'm not saying the Vikings are about to pull off an upset...but I do bet on them giving the Giants a run for their money.
Broncos (5-5) @
Bears (4-6)
What happened to the Bears defense? How did they give up 425 yards last week? I'm looking forward to the budding young QB Culter to show them why he was chosen in the first round.
Ravens (4-6) @
Chargers (5-5)
Brian Billick, I can't even begin to understand what you're feeling after last week's game. They refs tell you the game was over with a missed FG, and then bring you back out to the field saying it was good? Then, the Browns beat you in OT? Not pretty... Bay Area fav Kyle Boller showed promise last week by giving the Ravens a jump-start to their struggling offense. The Chargers? Man, oh man, I hope Shawne Merriman took that hit as a lesson of why not to take steroids!
Eagles (5-5) @
Patriots (10-0)
These two teams met 3 years ago in the Super Bowl...remember what happened then? Same outcome.
Dolphins (0-10) @
Steelers (7-3)
The Steelers needed to pull their heads out of their you-know-what's and embarrass the heck out of the Dolphins on national television, unless they're going to have the critics jump on them faster than Knick's fans jumped on Isiah Tuesday night!

Gotta love Tony.psd!


Golden State of Football
Raiders (2-8) @
Chiefs (4-6)
Culpepper throws for 344 yards, Curry gets 120 reciving yards, and they still lose? Come on guys! At least you're showing potential (unlike last year) and that there could be wins in the near future. The Chiefs lost LJ, Preist Holmes retired, forcing them to bring in rookie Kolby Smith. I want to have faith in the Black Hole...but how can I?
49ers (2-8) @
Cardinals (5-5)
At least it was an interesting game, right? How many people actually thought Dilfer would pull that out last week? We got a great game earlier this season against the Cardinals, but the Cardinals are nothing like what they used to be...

Go to Ballhype and throw down your predictions!.

Remember to hit up your comments about this week's games.

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