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RUMOR: Knicks Want Chris Mullin as Next GM

The New York Enquirer- oops, I mean New York Post- is running an article today claiming that current Warriors VP Chris Mullin is a top candidate to replace Isiah Thomas in the Knicks front office:

Golden State GM Chris Mullin is expected to emerge as a top candidate for the Knicks GM job if Isiah Thomas eventually is fired from his dual role as coach and president, The Post has learned.


The former St. John's sharp-shooting superstar out of Brooklyn told a confidant Wednesday that an employee from the organization, during an informal chat, secretly asked Mullin if he'd be interested in coming to the Knicks if the GM spot is open next summer.


A lot would have to happen before New York's favorite son could come home. Mullin is beloved by Golden State owner Chris Cohane [notice misspelling], so the Knicks could have a hard time getting Mullin out of his Golden State contract. A league source said Mullin has at least one more guaranteed year left on his pact after this one, maybe two.

Mullie laughs at these rumors.

A few thoughts on this rumor after the jump...

Will Chris Mullin bolt the Warriors for the Knicks?
I seriously doubt it. Mullin just seems like the kind of guy who's a lifetimer Warrior and Bay Area folk. At this point this Warriors squad is pretty much all his doing (with Chris Cohan's luxury tax fears and bottom line obsessions as well). He even managed to bring his old friend Nellie out of retirement. Can you imagine how much more censure Mullin would have to deal with for the Foyle, Fish, Dun, and Murph contracts if he inked them as Knicks? Or how about the bust draft picks of Ike Diogu, Chris Taft, Stephane Lasme and so far Patrick O'Bryant and Kosta Perovic? Would he really want to trade in the good life of the Warriors and the Bay Area to clean up the off court and on court mess that is the New York Knicks plus the added unkind daily media spotlight of the big apple? Don't think so, but it's just a guess.

Are the Knicks seriously interested in Chris Mullin?
I seriously doubt it. The New York Knicks front office is the premier management position in the NBA and as much as I like Mullin he's just not cut out for that job. In my mind good ol' Nellie is still that mastermind behind this Warriors operation and without him I'd guess the Warriors and Mullin would still be aimlessly searching for a clue. Don't forget that Mullin has made more than his share of mistakes leading up the Warriors front office without Nellie that are arguably dumber than any hoops decision Isiah has ever made. Also the Warriors have only won 1 more game than the Knicks this season so it's not like Mullin is heading up a top hoops squad right now, he just doesn't have to deal with everything under a media media microscope like Isiah and Dolan's Knicks do (not that those offseason scandals helped). But again this is Jim Dolan we're talking about who also doesn't seem to be the sharpest team owner, so maybe Mullin really is their top target despite his mediocre front office resume.

Do you think Mullie will leave the Warriors for the Knicks? How good of a front office man do you think he is?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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Thanks to loyal GSoMer muritqua for putting this up in a diary.

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