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OPEN THREAD: Game #12 - Warriors @ 76ers

Warriors (W-L): 4-7
76ers (W-L): 3-8
Time: 4:00pm PST
TV: FSN Bay Area
Radio: KNBR 680

Typical Warriors? I sure hope not. They didn’t look as though they had a Thanksgiving hangover by beating the Wizards last night and putting on a great show. This is the final game of a 5 game East Coast road trip. Historical evidence shows us the Warriors will be too cocky tonight and lose by 5 points. However, I’m hoping they prove me wrong against practically the worst team in the entire league … the 76ers (who are almost averaging as many points per game as their name). Oh by the way did I mention the Warriors are 3 and 1 since action Jackson has returned? I didn’t? Shame on me! When everyone was throwing the season away when we were a measly 0-6, I kept telling people not to worry because once we have Jackson back things will look good. I hope I’m right but so far we look like the team from the playoffs last year.

This was the scene at my house for Turkey Day!

Our 3 top players are each averaging more points than the 76ers' top player. Statistically this should be a blow out! Who’s watching the game with me?


• Warriors by 8

• Harrington comes back from a slow night and gives us 28 points.

• Baron has another sweet game giving us a double double.

• Iggy is shut down by Action Jackson and scores below 20.

• Warriors have solid lead in 4th giving POB and Wright another chance to play together.

• Warriors end solid road trip 4 and 1.

Update (Atma Brother #1): Live Boxscore from Yahoo!

Update 2 (Atma Brother #1):

Warriors Win in OT! 100-98
Stay tuned for the Recap!

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