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The W Column: Counting W's for Week 5

The Warriors return back from a successful trip to the East Coast to square off against 4 Western Conference opponents. Check out this week's Counting W's segment over at The W Column on FSN Bay Area for some week 5 predictions.

FSN Bay Area
The W Column

Make the jump for a little history behind this upcoming Sunday's match up against the Seattle SuperSonics.

Sunday's game against the Sonics will the be first time the Warriors face PJ Carlesimo as a head coach on the opposing sidelines. You might remember him from such infamous lines as "Put a little mustard on that pass!" and "There's a chance that Tracy's [McGrady] going to be a fabulous player, but there's a chance Adonal's [Foyle] going to be terrific for us'' after taking Foyle one spot ahead of TMac in the 1997 NBA Draft.

Maybe Spree wanted to put some ketchup on that pass instead?
[Photo via AP]

Warning: This video is really, really dark.


What was worse- this era of Warriors jerseys or this draft pick?

What's your favorite PJ Warrior memory?

The PJ GSoM Archive:

What are your Week 5 Warriors predictions?

Counting W's over at The W Column

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