Facing the Suns

On paper, we`re the younger team (3rd in the league) so we can perhaps outrun and out hustle them. We are also the taller team and the Suns are the smallest team in the West if not in the NBA so we can protect the paint. But can we out play and out gun them?

Don't let the W/L column fools you; Suns 9-2 and the Warriors 5-7 because these are the highest scoring team in the NBA, Suns - 108.5PPG/42 RPG/ 24.9 APG; Warriors 107.0 PPG /41.4 RPG/21.6 APG.  Men for man for the starters of the Dubs are evenly matched with the Suns, but the bench is where the Suns have a slight advantage. If the Warriors bench (Ellis/MP and Barnes?) can contribute substantially and if the breaks of the game will be in Dubs favor, then the Dubs will give the Suns a run for their money.

Warriors starter have an aggegates PPG of 86.0 points against the Suns 79.3 per game. Their bench is slightly ahead 51.9 while the Dubs had 44.1 PPG. This is because Barbosa is playing superbly of late because Bell was sidelined due to injury. Let us hope the Mississipi Bullet can out run and out gun the Brazilian Blur.

My prediction - Warriors by 8 if they can limit Nash assists so that he can't invole other team mates in scoring. Let him score but don't let him pass.

Go Dubs!

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