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OPEN THREAD: Game #13 - Warriors vs Suns

Warriors (W-L): 5-7

Suns (W-L): 11-2

Time: 7:30pm PST

TV: FSN Bay Area

Radio: KNBR 680

Road Warriors! 4-1 on the recent road trip puts this team back on map. They're finally showing what they can do when the team comes together. The return of Stephen Jackson has a lot to do with the recent surge, but they were playing well before Jax came back too, just not well enough to win against Cleveland and Dallas.

Tonight, a real test rolls into town, the Phoenix Suns (check out SB Nation blog, Bright Side of the Sun for Suns info). Nash, Amare, and Marion are synonymous with the Suns. When you think of the Suns, you think of their top three guys, all All-Stars. As a fan, they're fun to watch, but when they're facing your team, it's scary what these guys can do. Everyone knows how they play. Nash sets everyone up, Amare dunks on the opposing team, and Marion flys all over the place doing everything. Their supporting cast plays off of the 3 stars very well. Boris Diaw has the talent, but since the start of last year has been struggling. He might just go off any second. Raja Bell will try to take out your star player as he tried against Kobe. Grant Hill has been playing very well and nobody mentions his 35 year old knees. Leandro Barbosa will kill you with his speed. Despite "Ellis to the RIM!", Leandro presents a lot of problems. For the 342316th time on this site... (this always gets me pumped!)

PG matchup of the year

Boom Dizzle vs Nash
Baron always plays well against Nash because he's got the size advantage and always seems to pick it up a notch when great players come to town. Baron's been playing well lately and I expect him to have a big game tonight. He'll have his hands full defensively because of the pick and rolls the Suns run and he'll have to give help. The scary thing about Nash is that he causes so much chaos on defense because it's extremely hard to keep him in front of you. But if you give him too much space he knocks down the open jumpers with ease. This is a great matchup, but there's one other that I'd like to see more.

Thankfully, we won't have to see this kind of defense against Marion anymore

Stack Jack vs The Matrix
What an interesting matchup and honestly, the one that I'm looking forward to the most. I think this is the key to game right here. Whichever player has a better game between these two will decide the game. We all know what Jax does: passing, initiating the offense, hitting big shots, and playing stellar D. Marion on the other hand is all about being active. He's active on the glass, on D getting steals and blocks, and on offense knocking down 3's are getting to the rim. Different styles of play but both so key to their team's success.

No Murphy "defense" vs Amare this year

Beans vs Amare
This is always a big test for Biedrins and the Warriors will have to play a lot of help defense. I don't think Biedrins can handle him defensively one on one, in fact I'm not sure how many people can handle him one on one. Can you play DJ Banger on him and let Beans come weakside to double? Maybe but Amare can probably run circles around Banger. The guards will also have to initiate double teams quickly to try and get steals and disrupt his flow. He's a beast and I'm afraid he's going to have a big night.

Remember this from Biedrins?! Wooooo!

I'm not really sure what the outcome of this game will be, but I can assure you that my eyes will be tired from going left to right, right to left as the two teams run up and down the court nonstop for 48 minutes. Don't go to the bathroom until halftime because you're probably going to miss a highlight dunk, a barrage of 3's, or a behind the back, no look, alley oop. Of course, the one thing you won't miss is a defensive struggle. Neither of these teams really knows what defense is. There are good defensive players on each team, but neither team wants to play get stuck in a defensive grind.


  • Warriors win 136-128
  • Amare records 20+ points and 20+ rebounds
  • Nash gets abused by Baron
  • Stack Jack vs The Matrix will be a delightful to watch
  • BWright gets some serious burn (mostly with Amare out of the game) and we get another glimpse into his future

Also check out muritqua's "Facing the Suns" diary.

Update (Atma Brother #1): Live Boxscore from Yahoo!

Update 2 (Atma Brother #1):

Warriors Win!! 129-114

The Warriors snap the Suns' 8 game winning streak!

Stay tuned for the Recap!

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