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RUMOR: Warriors Trying to Deal Patrick O'Bryant for Hakim Warrick

Check out this interesting tidbit from this week's ESPN Magazine (p. 124):

To get Andris Biedrins help inside, the Warriors have looked into stealing Hakim Warrick from Memphis for struggling center Patrick O'Bryant. Good luck with that.

Thinking back to the 2005 NBA Draft I was a big fan of Hakim Warrick and hoped the Warriors would take him with the #8 pick. The Warriors instead took Ike Diogu who never won over coaches Mike Montgomery or Don Nelson. Warrick seems to be in a similar situation with Grizzlies head coach Marc Ivaroni who isn't a fan of Warrick's D [Commercial Appeal].

Coming out of Syracuse I projected Warrick to be a big time shot blocker and mainstay in the nightly SportsCenter highlights with his crazy hops and Inspector Gadget reach. To date Warrick hasn't been the shot blocker I thought he would be, swatting away a measly 0.3 shots in about 13 minutes of play over his career. But I could see him being a perfect fit with this run and gun Warriors squad. Maybe his supreme shot blocking skills that he displayed in college will resurface as well.

Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk!

Make the jump to watch Hakim jump!

Update (1:03pm 11/28/07): Check out what the good people at Memphis Grizzlies fan blog 3 Shades of Blue think about this rumored deal.


Hangin' with Hakim!

(AP Photo/The Dallas Morning News, Michael Mulvey)

I'd be shocked if the Dubs could pull off this trade as it would essentially be exchanging a DLeaguer with next to no NBA success (or playing time for that matter) for an uber-athletic forward just one year removed from an efficient scoring and rebounding season. Still, imagining Warrick start a fast break with a huge weakside swat and then finishing a Boom Dizzle led fast break with a highlight jam on the other end of the court is solid gold.

Would POB for Hakim Warrick be a heist for the Warriors? A fair trade for both sides? Think it'll go down?

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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