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YouTube Tuesday: Never Lose the Pain

One of the most beautiful things about a true Warriors fan is how deeply rooted in modesty they are. Granted, it's not really a choice; 12 years of subpar basketball has left us cynical even in times of success.

But even when we do come out and play like an elite team , Warriors fans tend to stay deeply rooted to in-depth analysis about why we were successful. (Maybe I'm spoiled by this site.) In short, the average Warriors fan knows basketball. They know theory. They know players. They know stats. After all, for 12 years, all we had to cling on to were things like knowledge of our opponents. How are we going to contain Player X? How are we going to possibly score when we're guarded by Player Y? Who is going to win the Luther Head award tonight?!

Can you honestly blame a Dubs fan for knowing season averages for the Warriors AND their opponents? Can you blame a Dubs fan for formulating movements for highly skilled players that aren't even on our team? Our failures have bred us into fans who eat, sleep, and dream this game.

So this week, let's get a roll call for the drought victims who helped shape us into the fans we are today. Major props to Huge in Asia for getting the list started. Feel free to throw in some of your own favorites they may have missed!

Credits to Kai H. for sending us this video!

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