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GSoF: Week 8 Recap and Week 9 Picks

Week 9!

8-0 vs. 7-0. `Nuff said.

Props to Frank Galasso!

These guys aren't going to be shaking hands after Sunday

tut123408 won again for the the fourth time, (this is getting a bit out of hand), so why don't we have #2 winner chimp hit us up for the Baron poster! chimp - hit us up through e-mail and we'll figure out something to send to ya!

Get ready for my mid-season recap next week where I break down my earlier predictions and how close I am to them!

Week 9 Predictions! after the jump!


Week 9 Matchups  
Packers (6-1) @
Chiefs (4-3)
Brett Favre has beaten every NFL team in his career except the Chiefs. This will probably be his last chance and seeing as though this has been his year of accomplishments, I'm giving him another to knock of his list.
Redskins (4-3) @
Jets (1-7)
Neither Kellen Clemens or Chad Pennington can turn around the Jets miserable season. Bring in Tuiasosopo!
Jaguars (5-2) @
Saints (3-4)
The Saints are still march again, but the Jags are not going to be an easy opponent. If the Saints get their game going early, they can pull this one off.
Bengals (2-5) @
Bills (4-3)
How the hell do the Bills have more wins than the Bengals?
Çardinals (3-4) @
Buccaneers (4-4)
The Bucs are coming off a rough loss and the Cards have a lot of key injuries. Flip a coin to find the winner of this mediocre battle.
Broncos (3-4) @
Lions (5-2)
Anyone remember the last time the Lions had this many wins at this point in the season? Things are going too well for this team for it to end now...expect them to dominate the weak Broncos! Fun Fact: This is the first game where the two Bailey brothers, Champ and Boss, face each other! (Who names their kids Champ and Boss?)
Panthers (4-3) @
Titans (5-2)
A win is a win, but they aren't pretty for the Titans. Vince Young threw for 42 yards and 6 completions last week against the Raiders, but thanks to their defense and kicker Rob Bironas, they still are pulling `em out. This team isn't cursed, it's lucky beyond belief!
Chargers (4-3) @
Vikings (5-2)
Wonder why the Chargers are winning? Because Norv decided to finally run the ball! This game is going to be all about the run game and expect both LT and AP to get 100-yard games.
Seahawks (4-3) @
Browns (4-3)
Anyone notice that Derek Anderson is still number #2 in passing TDs? They have waaay too many offensive options for the Seahawks to stop.
Cowboys (6-1) @
Eagles (3-4)
Well-deserved Sunday night game. How come there was no talk about T.O. returning to Philly again? So far he hasn't beaten the Eagles in a blue and white uniform, but this one is going to be different. Romo for 4 TDs!
Ravens (4-3) @
Steelers (5-2)
If the Steelers pull this out, they'll be all alone at the top of the AFC North. Seeing as though they haven't lost in a Monday night in 16 years (that's the majority of my life!) and the Ravens are playing inconsistently, this should be all theirs.
Patriots (8-0) @
Colts (7-0)
Game of the week. Which one is going to stay undefeated? Why are the Pats the favored team even though the Colts have the homefield advantage and 13 straight home wins? Is Brady of Manning better? Which one of these two teams is going to win the Super Bowl? Why isn't this game on Monday night? Too many questions and I have no answers. The coin I flipped said the Pats were going to win...

Some Tony.psd flavor in ya ear!


Golden State of Football
49ers (2-5) @
Falcons (1-6)
Ugh. This game is going to be horrendous to watch unless the 9ers can finally pull some offense against an equally crappy team. There is really nothing to analyze in this one - it's just not going to be pretty.
Texans (3-5) @
Raiders (2-4)
Both teams can't seem to pull it off in the end and neither is playing remarkable football. Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson are going to be out on this one, so it's going to be hard for them to get an offense started. Unfortunately, the Raiders are having the same problem...

Teams with Byes - Bears, Dolphins, Rams, and Giants

Go to Ballhype and throw down your predictions!.

Remember to hit up your comments about this week's games.

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