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The W Column: Counting W's for Week 2

For those of you keeping track at home I'm 1-2 picking Warriors games this season. I knew the Jazz just had the Warriors' number, but I thought it'd be 20,000 on 5 on opening night. And who would've thought the Warriors would lose to the Clips too? Oh well. But since none of you have participated in the weekly picks last week, I still have 1 more correct prediction than the rest of you. I'm unstoppable baby!

Head on over to The W Column over at FSN Bay Area for some week 2 predictions.


I seriously can't wait till this week's TNT Thursday rematch against the Mavs. I think you know what I'm alluding to...

Charles is looking mighty slim in The City hoodie.
[Paul Tsang]

You know Chuck spends his Sundays in the Black Hole.
[Aaron Madfes]

Go, go, go stupid- and ride the yellow bus with Chuck!
[Aaron Waterhouse]

Don't forget to flip back to Barkley Does the Bay -- Readers' Photoshop Creations [C.W. SFGate]!

What are your Week 2 predictions for the Dubs?

Counting W's over at The W Column

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