Brandan making debut tomorrow?

Got this juicy little Tid-bit from TK's Blog:

Had to notice that Brandan Wright was running with the Blue (first) team at the end of practice today (subbing in and out for Al Harrington, it looked like).

Wright looked pretty spritely-tossing up runners, racing ahead of Blue teammate Baron Davis on the fastbreak, going up to block shots at the rim.

Wright hasn't seen a second of NBA action yet, thanks to Don Nelson's non-love of rookie big men and Wright's recent back soreness, so it was interesting to see the No. 8 overall pick running with Baron, Kelenna Azubuike, Stephen Jackson and Andris Biedrins.

Of course, I also asked Nelson about Wright (and Stephane Lasme), and Nelson said he would've played Wright at some point in the first three games, all losses, if Wright had been healthy enough to practice.

Well, Wright's healthy enough to practice now. I saw it with my own bleary eyes.

So.... Though Nellie was in a very non-revealing mood today, he seemed to suggest that Wright was moving towards game action.

"He definitely has something," Nelson said. "You can tell he's going to be a really good player. But probably won't be productive until he gets a little bit older. He's definitely got something."

I hope, i hope, i hope he gets some burn. I will be anxiously seeing him get his first action of the season tomorrow night. -wright-maybe/

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