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OPEN THREAD: Game 4 - Warriors vs Cavaliers

Warriors (W-L): 0-3

Cavs (W-L): 1-2

Time: 7:30pm PST

TV: FSN Bay Area

Radio: KNBR 680

You know it was just one week ago that we kicked off GSOM Night 2 with the Warriors' Opening Night? Just one week ago, just 3 games ago we were optimistic about the Warriors' season. Many in the Bay Area were confident the Warriors could pick up where they had left off last season. Running and gunning their way to exciting, high scoring games.

Then the Jazz exposed their weaknesses (twice) and the Clippers did as well. Now after three straight losses, the Warriors are looking to regroup against last year's Eastern Conference Champs, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cavs are 1-2 with losses coming against Dallas and Phoenix while their win came against New York. These guys will be not much easier than Utah and more difficult than the PaperClips. If you thought Chris Kaman looked like a beast (yes, literally and figuratively), the Cavs two big men Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Drew Gooden will be even worse. Both are averaging double digit rebounds to go with 15+ points per game. Then throw in that really good guy on their team, King James, and you have a recipe for a Warriors disaster. No rebounding, no defense. Uh oh...

But there are some bright spots on the Warriors to counter what the Cavs have to offer. Al Harrington finally broke loose against the Jazz on Saturday and will look to continue his strong play. Kelenna Azubuike has looked solid the entire year and should be able to keep scoring against this team. Throw in my belief that Baron won't let LeBron upstage him on his home floor and you have what could be an amazing matchup of superstars.

We'll really need Biedrins to battle in the paint tonight to have a chance. Monta needs to step up his game and hope that some guy nicknamed a slang word for a female body part doesn't upstage him (that's Daniel "Boobie" Gibson for those that didn't follow the playoffs last year). Then of course there's the bench. They need to step it up and provide the starters, especially Baron, some rest by putting in productive minutes. Also, will Brandan Wright get some burn? Even though the Warriors will continue to be without Captain Jack for another 4 games, I expect this one to be close.

Hash and I will be at the game sitting in section 109, row 27, seats 15-16. Come by and say hi.


  • LeBron drops 30
  • Baron drops 31
  • LeBron dishes 10 assists
  • Baron dishes 11 assists
  • LeBron grabs 11 boards
  • Baron grabs 12 boards
  • Dual triple doubles!
  • Cavs score 108
  • Warriors score 109

Post your predictions before the game and your comments during the game in this open thread.

Win #1 comes tonight!

Update (Atma Brother #1): Don't forget to watch Warriors Roundtable Live at 7pm on FSN Bay Area if you're not sitting in 880 traffic or riding BART to the game!

Update 2 (Atma Brother #1): Live Box Score from Yahoo!

Update 3 (Atma Brother #1): Warriors lose 104-108.

Stay tuned for the recap...

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