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GRAND OPENING!! - GSoM Store 2.0

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What's the only thing more fly than the original GSoM Store (home to such fan favorites as the GSoM Clock and Unstoppable Baby Boxers)?

Why the GSoM Store 2.0 on Zazzle featuring original designs by our resident guru of Golden State of Design Tony.psd!


A big reason we chose to host our new store at Zazzle was because of the plethora of customization options they offer. All of you will have a lot of control over size, style, and color for clothing, posters, and other items. In other words we drop the hits and you remix them like Puffy in the 90's- we're kicking that brand new flava in ya ear!

For our initial launch of the GSoM Store 2.0 we're coming at you in full force with these 7 items [note that most of these items are Limited Edition]:

  1. 2008 GSoM Calendar [on sale until February 1st, 2008]: I have to say I'm really looking forward to 2k8 just so I can hang up this dope calendar. Fantasy Junkie, DJ Fuzzy Logic, Tony.psd, and I spent a lot of time coming up with this silhouette concept to capture some unforgettable, classic moments in great time out-ness. Tony.psd then put mouse to mouse pad (or whatever the digital equivalent of putting pen to paper) to make this happen. The result is golden.

    Unlike the 2008 Warrior Girl Calendar you can actually hang up the 2008 GSoM Calendar without disrespecting half your officemates or dorm or your significant other. It's the opposite of NSFW. It's classy and it's got soul.

  2. "Unstoppable Baby!" Tattoo T-Shirt [on sale until February 4th, 2008]: I'm sure many of you can figure out our inspiration for this concept. Sporting this tee is the next best thing to actually getting an Unstoppable Baby! tat. It's cheaper, much less painful, and guaranteed to make your mom a whole lot happier.

  3. GSoM Foam Finger T-Shirt [on sale until February 4th, 2008]: I think DJ Fuzzy Logic, Miss Gossip, and I embarrassed Tony.psd with our excessive Warrior foam finger wagging at a game at the Roaracle earlier this season, so this fresh tee is probably his hint to us to just sport this tee instead. You know I think I just might do that. It's FAN-tastic in a foamy way! (Actually what if we waived our foam fingers WHILE sporting this GSoM Foam Finger tee? Now that's Unstoppable Baby!)

  4. GSoM All-Stars [on sale until February 4th, 2008]: We go 5 deep with some cartoons of some real ballas sporting the home yellow GSoM jerseys.
    I have no idea who these people are, but they sure do look fly in the new GSoM threads!

  5. "Unstoppable Baby!" Tattoo Poster [on sale until February 4th, 2008]: Tony.psd's unstoppable baby tat piece came out so well we decided to turn it into a poster too. Zazzle has plenty of options for you to blow up the print size on various high quality paper stock. Props to anyone who can find a spot to hang up a 52" x 78" colossal print out of this bad boy.

  6. WE GSOM Button: Just a little something to pin on your Warriors gear at games to rep GSoM.

  7. GSoM Classic Button: Another button that will help you connect with other friendly GSoM folks at games and other places around the town.


We're really excited about this new store powered by Tony.psd's designs. All of the work in the GSoM Store 2.0 is the work of many late night brainstorms, numerous design reviews, and many consultations with the GSoM legal team. Hope you all enjoy them.

Remember the calendar, tee's, and tat poster are all limited edition and won't be for sale after the dates noted above. Also since it's our grand opening and it's the holiday season we've reduced the prices on most items by 15-30%. We might bring them back and re-release them as throwbacks some day in the future, but nothing's guaranteed and the prices will go back to normal, so we can add to the GSoM ticket fund and hopefully raise some money for a good charity. Spread the word.

Hook up your friends, family, friends' families, and families' friends with some golden goodies from the GSoM Store 2.0!

The GSoM Store 2.0's first customer always keeps it Unstoppable Baby!

There's definitely lots more coming soon to the GSoM Store 2.0. Feel free to email us any requests or post them in the comments.

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