Facing the Blazers

Game # 21 GSW (12-9) @ Portland Trailblazers (9-12)
GSW: (Road) 6-4     Blazers: (Home) 7-3
Tip-off: 7:00 pm PST     Venue: Rose Garden

Comparable stats (raw numbers) in 20 games
GSW                                                                     Portland Trailblazers
PPG:  110.4 (1st) 2,208 pts                                   97.3 (22nd) 1,874 pts
FG%: 45.2 (16th) 819/1,811                                  46.2 (10th) 714/1,547
3-pt%: 34.9 (18th) 192/550                                    38.0 (5th) 120/316
FT%: 71.5 (25th) 378/529                                      73.9 (21st) 326/441
RPG: 12.6 (5th) 862 (O:253/D:609)                       9.6 (24th) 775 (O:192/D:583)
TOPG: 13.5                                                           17.9

PPG: 108.2 (30th) 2,163 pts allowed                     98.4 (14th) 1,969 pts allowed
FG%: 46.5 (24th) 791/1,700                                   45.6 (18th) 749/1,643
3-pt%: 37.9 (26th) 133/351                                     36.2 (18th) 135/373
FT%: 74.3 (8th) 448/603                                         77.6 (27th) 336/443
RPG: 30.4 (17th) 966 (O:265/D701)                       29.2 (26th) 843 (O:243/D:600)
TOPG: 17.0                                                           14.8

So far, the Blazer had protected the Rose Garden better (7-3) than the Warriors protecting the Oracle (5-5). On the other hand, it is interesting to note that the Warriors has a better road record (6-4), this early of the season, while the Blazer has the worst road record 1-9 and they will play at Salt Lake City against the Jazz. Tomorrow night, both teams will be playing the back end of b2b, Blazers at home and Warriors on the road.

Every Warriors' fans will never forget that playoff clinching game of the Warriors over the Blazers in Portland 120-98 at the last day of the season. That ends the playoff drought of the Warriors in over a decade. But that is not surprising as the Dubs owned the Blazers this past 2 seasons. The Warriors were 2-1 last season and swept the season series in 2005-2006, 4-0. The only loss the Warriors last season was in March 11, 87-106 when Davis did not play because of his knees.

The key in beating Portland is to limit their point productions below 100. They won 5/1 when they score over 100 pts to opteams while losing 3/7 when the opteams score above century mark on them. Warriors on the other hand, lost 2 games when they score below 100   (vs Utah 96-117; Celtics 82-108). The Dubs have to limit Roy's production and try to stop him going into the paint. The Blazers had a higher percentage beyond the arc at .380% compared to Warriors .349% but the Warriors had shot more 3-pointers 192/550 against Blazers 120/316. The Warriors has to continue to attack the rim as almost half of Dubs  point productions are inside the paint 948 or 47.4 ppg compared to Blazers 662 or 33.1 ppg.

Reports said LaMarcus Aldridge is out with plantar fasciitis on the right foot.. Aldridge is averaging 18.7 ppg and 7.7 rpg  rookie guard Taureen Green was assigned to Idaho of the D-League while forward Darius Miles is yet to practice with the team after right knee surgery.

Warriors by 11.

Go Dubs!

NOTE: Both team won tonight, Warriors 96, Spurs 84. The Blazers won against the sliding Jazz 97-89. The Jazz lost their 4 last games while the Blazers won their 2nd road game.

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