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FASHION FRIDAY: Get your stockings stuffed with this...

Attention all you ladies!

It's the holiday season and I know a bunch of you are sitting on your butts, wasting time in front of your computer looking at sweaters from Macy's or Nordstroms to give to your boyfriends, husbands, or friends because you're sick of their tired wardrobes of Warrior gear and throwback jerseys.  

But why get a winter sweater with reindeer prints on it?  Get him something he REALLY wants.  You should get him a FOOTBALL PHONE!

Spit game at the ladies using this. You'll be the Joe Montana of pimpin' in no time.

Sports Illustrated made these popular in the 80s and you could get one FREE with a paid subscription.  Yet, my parents weren't convinced that getting the subscription would help me improve my reading skills and no phone for me.  So, they got me a library card instead.  

Perfect for the holidays! click and see!

If you can't get these because they're sold out faster than PS3s, maybe you could get this air-cooled jock strap?

Courtesy of Gizmodo

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