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OPEN THREAD: Game #23 - Warriors vs LA Fakers


Warriors (W-L): 12-10
Lakers (W-L): 13-8
Time: 7:30pm PST
TV: FSN Bay Area + ESPN
Radio: KNBR 680

Can you hear the drums? You know the pounding beat of the evil horde coming into town? Tonight we face the team I despise the most, the LA Fakers. Yea that's right ... they're evil and it's only fitting that they come into town the same night "I Am Legend" opens up in theatres. Did you read that book by Richard Matheson (same author as `What Dreams May Come')? Well if you didn't, let me quickly paraphrase what happens in my own Golden State of Mind kind of way:

What's scarier, this or Kobe against the Warriors?

Chapter 2: Cornered in our house!

Let me begin my story by setting the scene where we last left off. 5 nights ago, battered and bruised by the vicious vampire gang in LA known as the "Fakers", our beloved Warriors retreated home. Finally, after some rest the Warriors were in their house ... and their house is known as the Roaracle! And this game of basketball ... well that's their only means of survival, life. (Are you digging the metaphors?)

It was nearing sundown and their adrenaline began to pick up. Anticipation beaded down Baron's face, symbolizing his desire to beat the evil Fakers, and lessen the gap on the standings. Warm from the shootaround, Baron rallied the team for one last hurrah in the middle of the court as time neared.

"Beans, you have to get the boards tonight, or else we're gonna die out there".

"I'm trying but that one guy ... Bynum ... he's pretty big and scary" Biedrins tried to use his accent to hide his fear, but it was as apparent as Nellie's beer breath.

"I don't want to hear no excuses man! Last time I heard someone give me excuses ... let's just say I was suspended for 7 games" Captain Jackson cracked a smile and a chuckle.

The mood was gloomy as Monta put his hand on Beans' shoulder for comfort. "They were vicious on Sunday, but now they're in our house".

"Can someone tell me where to find my shot?" After 3 hours of primping his uniform, Troy Hudson stumbled onto the court. "I've seemed to misplace it. Oh and why am I getting phone calls to do interviews for AVP? What is that anyways?"

Just then the hallway doors swung open and a chill blanketed the air. Creeping out, misguided souls wearing Laker jerseys appeared and their faces looked tortured and dark from the smoggy LA air. The Warriors stood defiantly as the ugliest Laker ... let's just call him "Kobe", walked towards Baron. With his fangs glaring he yelled "You and me Warriors. I can take you out single-handedly!"

"Oh NO he DIDN'T" Belinelli yelled as he snapped his fingers in a Z and contorted his head like a chicken.

Pietrus covered his eyes and shook his head in disbelief as he pulled Belinelli to the back of the group.

Barnes stepped forward looking to provoke the situation and replied "You might have driven us out of LA on Sunday, but this is the Roarcle! You are in for a beating tonight!"

So what happens next? Will the Warriors defend their house or will Kobe and the Fakers take a bite out of the Bay? (Get it? Take a bite? ... never mind)
Stay Tuned to find out ...


  • Warriors by 8.
  • Captain Jackson holds Kobe to 25 points.
  • Al Harrington has an impressive double double.
  • Monta is the key factor to our victory tonight. 33 points.
  • Hudson plays 18 minutes and we all keep asking why!?!
  • Wright and POB play alongside each other for 7 minutes. WooHoo!

Update (Atma Brother #1):
Warriors Win!! 108-106

The curse against the Lakers is OVER!

Stay tuned for the Recap!

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