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GSoF: Week 14 Recap and Week 15 Predictions!

The 49ers finally saw some action out of their star QB Shaun Hill! In his first drive ever he led the 9ers to a touchdown! That's more than Alex Smith could say! Maybe he's the next Tony Romo? Guess we shoulda kept Smith on the bench for 6 years...

The Patriots won again. Yay. But was this play necessary?

New winner this week in picks!!! warriors4life won the NFL picks by going 15-1! warriors4life - hit us up through e-mail and we'll toss that Baron poster to ya!

Hit up my Week 15 Predictions after the jump!!


Week 15 Matchups  
Jets (3-10) @
Patriots (13-0)
Revenge for Spygate? This is not going to be pretty...I predict that the Patriots score more in this game than the 9ers have scored all season! And that's 171 total points!
Titans (7-6) @
Chiefs (4-9)
Maybe the Madden Curse was almost making the playoffs?
Seahawks (9-4) @
Panthers (5-8)
The Seahawks have gotten into the playoffs again, but that really won't mean much when they lose in the 2nd round!
Jaguars (9-4) @
Steelers (9-4)
Why isn't this game hyped up more? Both of these teams look playoff bound and both have been able to contend with the league's elite teams. The Steelers are dropping, but they've got the home field advantage.
Bills (7-6) @
Browns (8-5)
Fight for that wildcard spot! I'm with Zorgon!
Packers (11-2) @
Rams (3-10)
I hope they bring in Aaaron Rodgers during this blowout of a game.
Falcons (3-10) @
Buccaneers (8-5)
Coach Petrino got up and flew away from his head coaching job at Atlanta. Something tells me the rest of the team could do the same.
Cardinals (6-7) @
Saints (6-7)
Both of these teams keep giving away their opportunities at holding down a playoff spot. No Reggie Bush - no win.
Ravens (4-9) @
Dolphins (0-13)
Ok, the Dolphins could win this game. The Ravens are down to Troy Smith, so who knows what's bound to happen?
Eagles (5-8) @
Cowboys (12-1)
Last year this was a great game to watch. Unfortunately, this year, it's going to be another blowout.
Lions (6-7) @
Chargers (8-5)
LT still has it! But that won't much come playoff time!
Redskins (6-7) @
Giants (9-4)
Waaay too much hype in this one. The Giants are going to destroy the Redskins.
Bears (5-8) @
Vikings (7-6)
Now its time for Kyle Orton? Hey, he does have a 10-5 record!

Gotta love Tony.psd!


Golden State of Football
Colts (11-2) @
Raiders (4-9)
JaMarcus is guaranteed playing time. That's about the only highlight in this game for the Raiders.
Bengals (5-8) @
49ers (3-10)
Maybe Ocho Cinco will enjoy his visit to Bill Walsh field and come over to the 9ers in the offseason? Bad times ahead on Saturday!

Go to Ballhype and throw down your predictions!.

Remember to hit up your comments about this week's games.

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