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GSoF: Week 12 Recap and Week 13 Picks

Rest in peace Sean Taylor. Golden State of Mind sends our thoughts to all of Taylor's family and friends.

Redskins coverage

ESPN's coverage's coverage

Edge of Sports coverage

Philadelphia Inquirer

Looks like vietsta4o8 won the NFL picks again by going 9-7! Fantasy Junkie and Atma were close 2nd and 3rd! And as always... I was nowhere to be found, but whatever! Vietsta4o8 - hit us up through e-mail and we'll toss another prize to ya!

The Cowboys already won this week by crushing the Packers on Thursday night, but hit up my Week 13 Predictions!


Week 13 Matchups  
Chargers (6-5) @
Chiefs (4-7)
Let's end all the doubt and give the Chargers the AFC West division with this win.
Falcons (3-8) @
Rams (2-9)
The Rams almost squeezed out the win against the Seahawks so I'ma give it to their resurging team
Jaguars (8-3) @
Colts (9-2)
Time to decide the AFC South! Colts are slipping and the Jags are going to be right there to capitalize!
Seahawks (7-4) @
Eagles (5-6)
How did the Eagles almost beat the Patriots without McNabb and in Boston? They're still feelin that fire...
Jets (2-9) @
Dolphins (0-11)
This is the Dolphins last shot at not going winless.
Bills (6-4) @
Redskins (2-8)
I like the Bills - the Redskins keep giving up their wins.
Lions (6-5) @
Vikings (5-6)
Adrian Peterson is back, the Vikings defense is on the rise, the Lions have fallen hard the last few weeks - everything's pointing to the Purple.
Texans (5-6) @
Titans (6-5)
That's three straight losses for the Titans. I'm counting on a 4th.
Browns (7-4) @
Cardinals (5-6)
Just when we though the Cardinals had a shot at the playoffs...on the flip side, the Browns are looking more and more like real contenders.
Giants (7-4) @
Bears (5-6)
I can't belive I'm saying this, but, Rex Grossman is back?
Buccaneers (7-4) @
Saints (5-6)
So much for the Saints repeating their miracle of last year.
Bengals (4-7) @
Steelers (8-3)
Poor playing conditions do not make up for the Steelres poor performance last Monday. The Bengals went crazy last week and if they can keep that up...
Patriots (11-0) @
Ravens (4-7)
Not gonna happen Baltimore.

Gotta love Tony.psd!


Golden State of Football
Broncos (5-6) @
Raiders (3-8)
When was the last time the Raiders and the 49ers won on the same day? Man...the Raiders played well ending a 17 game losing streak against AFC West opponents. Think they can upset again?
49ers (3-8) @
Panthers (4-7)
That was an amazing game. I can't go so far as to say Dilfer will produce like that again, but Gore will!

Go to Ballhype and throw down your predictions!.

Remember to hit up your comments about this week's games.

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