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OPEN THREAD: Game #16 - Warriors @ Sonics

fsn sonics

Warriors (W-L): 8-7

Sonics (W-L): 3-14

Time: 6:00PM PST tip off

TV FSN Bay Area

Vegas Odds Golden State favored by 4 pts (souce:

Just when you think you have it made in the shade, it can all get ripped out from underneath you.

Honestly, I truly hope this is the attitude that our boys approach tonight's game with. Seattle isn't exactly a red hot team, but as I've said before, there simply is no such thing as a "gimme" with the Warriors. In order to establish ourselves as a premiere team, we need to be able to deal with teams like Seattle quickly and efficiently. We can't waste opportunities to chalk up points in the W column. (shameless plug.)

That being said, we have a lot of things on our side as we step into Key Arena tonight. Seattle has seemed to develop an allergy to winning at home. So far this season, they've only won one game in front of their home crowd; against Murph-leavy and the rest of the Pacers.

In addition to that, I have to believe that the Warriors' confidence is at an all time high. Convincing victories over both Phoenix and Houston on the road to our current 5 game win streak has to have these guys juiced as all hell and ready to steamroll anything that gets in their way. I'd be very disappointed if we saw anything less that a convincing win tonight.

The bad news for us is that Kevin Durant is... well, all he was hyped up to be. So far the rook is averaging 20 points a game and in aforementioned Pacers game, rained 35 on Indiana. Bottom line: He's a potential threat. All assumptions are that we will be using The Jackson Effect to cool K.D. off. This should be a key match-up tonight.

A victory tonight is well within our reach.

GSoM Prediction:
- Warriors by 9.
- Jack keeps K.D. under 18 points.
- Beans racks another double double
- Barnes brings the pain. Sonics panic and flee to Oklahoma City.


Update (Atma Brother #1):

Warriors Win!! 109-96

That's 6 wins in a row and 9-1 over the last 10.

Stay tuned for the Recap!

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