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There was some excellent guessing out there for this contest but in the end the closest contestant that adhered to all of the rules set down was NinerWarrior.

NinerWarrior, email us at from the address on your GSoM account and we'll hook you up with the lower bowl tickets to go see the Warriors take on the Timberwolves this coming Wednesday. For those of you who didn't win, we have plenty of contests still in store, so you'll still have chances to win some free tickets!

Thanks for playing and Merry Christmas again from the GSoM Crew!

UPDATE: NinerWarrior, you have until noon PST on Tuesday, Dec 25th to contact us to claim your tickets.


Ho Ho Ho-ly Crap they're giving away more tickets?!


Believe it! As a little Christmas gift to our loyal GSoM community, we're offering up our two lower bowl seats (Section 109) for the Minnesota game on Wednesday, December 26th at 7:30pm.

So fear not. While you may be aware that that squishy package under your tree is merely a few new pairs of underwear, there still lies hope for the ultimate Christmas gift. Because if your psychic senses are on point, you and a friend just might be in store for a great time out.

For this edition, we'll be making predictions centered on the upcoming Cleveland Lebrons - sorry, Cavs game. Similar to our last contest, we will ask a series of questions that should yield numerical answers. We'll add up the numbers to those questions, and whoever gets closest to the actual numbers wins the ticket.

Make the jump like Santa for the contest and all the rules!

Now before we get started lets lay down some ground rules. Some of these have not been implemented in previous contests, so pay close attention.

Rule #1 - You must have posted at least 50 comments on Golden State of Mind (prior to this post of course) to be eligible to win.

Rule #2 - You must post at least 3 comments in the open thread for the Cavs game in order to be eligible to win.

Rule #3 - Tickets are non-transferrable. We will only be able to send the tickets to the email address of the winner of this contest. (i.e. Not your brothers or friends email address)

Rule #4 - Answers must be submitted in this thread by 2:30pm PST, December 23rd.

Rule #5 - In the event that multiple entries have the same number, the tiebreakers will be determined as follows:

- For question 1 in guessing LeBron's points, whoever is closest to the actual number is the winner.
- If there is still a tie, continue on to question 2 and we will see who is closest. We will continue on to each subsequent question until the tie is broken.
- If all of the answers are identical, the timestamp of the post will be used to determine the winner. The earlier timestamp is the winner.

Okay, enough with the rules. Get your Nostradamus hats on.


Looks like Johnny's going for the tickets!

In the Warriors-Cavs game:
  1. Obvious first question here. How many points is LeBron going to rain on us in this game? ("Defense! *bang bang*)
  2. What will be the total combined minutes of Brandan Wright, Patrick O'Bryant, and Marco Belinelli during this game?
  3. We live by the 3, we die by the three. How many 3 pointers will the Warriors attempt as a team during the course of this game?
  4. If we can't stop LeBron, we can merely hope to contain him. In the categories of points, assist, and rebounds only, how many items will LeBron miss a triple double by? (If you think that LeBron will get a triple double, the answer is "0". If he gets 25pts, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists, the answer is "4". Get it?)
  5. What will be the combined point total of Baron and Monta in this matchup?
  6. What will be the difference between what the rest of the Cavs score and what LeBron scores. Sadly, this answer has the potential to be negative. (Rest of Cavs points combined) - (LeBron's total points) = ?
  7. Lastly and most importantly, how much will the Warriors win by? (If you think we will lose, your answer will be negative.

Here's an example of what your answer should look like:

1) LeBron's total points: 27
2) Total combined minutes of Wright, POB, and Belinelli: 10
3) Total 3 pointers attempted by the Dubs: 26
4) LeBron's Triple Double Difference: 5
5) Combined point total of Baron and Monta: 45
6) Difference between rest of Cavs and LeBron's scoring: 20
7) Warriors win by: 4

Total = 137

In order to win, you must show your answers to each question and then correctly add up the total.

Remember, the answer that gets closest to the actual total for the above questions for the Warriors-Cavs game wins 2 lower bowl tickets to Wednesday's Warriors-Timberwolves game.

GOOD LUCK and Merry Christmas from the GSoM crew!!

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