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OPEN THREAD: Warriors @ Nets

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Warriors (W-L): 15-11

Nets (W-L): 11-15

Time: 4:30PM PST tip off

TV FSN Bay Area

Vegas Odds Golden State favored by 2.5 pts (source:

February 28th, 1997? Seriously? THAT'S the last time that we won a game in New Jersey?

Okay, I'll give it to you. It's an abstract fact. It's not like we haven't beat the Nets period and it's certainly not even in the same galaxy as other droughts we've been through as Warriors fans *cough PLAYOFFS* but still... it's kind of weird... I mean, I was in high school the last time we won in New Jersey.

My immediate thought on hearing such news (credits to muritqua for bringing this to my attention) is that there's something about New Jersey that does it to us. Maybe New Jersey is at a different elevation, therefore hindering our ability to breathe? Maybe there's a haze out there that clouds our vision? Who knows? Well we intend to find out...

Make the JUMP to find the answers and see the predictions for tonight's game!

Update (Atma Brother #1): Warriors lose 95-100.
Final Box Score

Stay tuned for the recap...

As GSoM has done so many times before, we put our necks on the line to find out some answers. In preparation for tonight’s match up, we hired a New Jersey native to drive us around the area to allow us to identify any glaring issues that would contribute to our consistent inability to win in the great realm of New Jersey. Without further ado, we present exclusive footage of our findings.

We’re thinking it’s probably all the cigar smoke.

Despite New Jersey’s attempts to sabotage us with their acrid cigar vapors, the Warriors are looking to take down Kidd, Vinsanity, Jefferson, and the rest of the Nets in a game where the only thing that will be predictable is unpredictability.

While the Nets’ record doesn’t look all that incredible, their weapons tell a very different story. I don’t need to tell you the tale of Kidd, who has been literally teleporting the ball into his teammates hands on his way to a 10.2 assist per game average. (2nd only to Nash this season so far.)

Throw into the mix Carter (who is listed as day to day right now but will likely play), and Jefferson and you have three very potent offensive threats. To be honest, it’s surprising for me to see the Nets ranking so low in points per game (91.6).

These guys can erupt at anytime. Fortunately, so can we. Over the past few games, TMNT has really been stepping up his game offensively. Tonight we will be looking to him to continue his reign of terror and outmatch Jefferson. (Assuming Nellie plays Harrington on him.)

As long as I’m making assumptions, I would think that Nellie is going to play Jax on Vince to stop the vinsanity. If this is the case, this should be a very interesting match up to watch on the floor tonight.

The Nets, much like us, are a smaller team, so we should be looking to exploit second chance opportunities on the glass as well. Let’s hope our boys bring their Windex because we should be keeping the glass clean tonight!

Okay. Enough with the assumptions. ONTO THE PREDICTIONS!

GSoM Predictions:
- Monta goes for 20+
- Vince stays under 20, Jax goes over 30.
- Beans with a double double.
- Kidd drops 12 plus dimes
- Warriors by 7


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