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GSoF: Week 15 Recap and Week 16 Predictions!

The Dolphins win! THE DOLPHINS WON THEIR FIRST GAME!! They were celebrating like they won the Super Bowl!

Pro Bowl rosters are out!

And who are the Raiders and the 49ers sending?


Shane Lechler (Punter)


Patrick Willis (Inside Linebacker)

Andy Lee (Punter)

At least our kicking games are good?

But in all seriousness, Patrick Willis deserves the spot (as do Lechler and Lee) and to show GSoM's admiration (apologies for the poor quality)

New winner this week in picks!!! alexkristoffer won the NFL picks by going 11-5! I'm assuming you called the Dolphins game like me! alexkristoffer - hit us up through e-mail and we'll getcha that Baron poster!

Hit up my Week 16 Predictions after the jump!!


Week 16 Matchups  
Cowboys (12-2) @
Panthers (6-8)
Like TO says, as long as Romo's girlfriends stay away from their games, they'll win em!
Texans (7-7) @
Colts (12-2)
Super Mario's gonna be jumpin' all over Peyton! Unfortunately not enough!
Packers (12-2) @
Bears (5-9)
Grossman didn't work, so they went to Griese. Griese didn't work so they went back to Grossman. Grossman got injuried, so they went to Orton. Orton now what?
Browns (9-5) @
Bengals (5-9)
Another 100 point game?
Giants (9-5) @
Bills (7-7)
With the crappy weather in the East...this game is going to be all about running game. Every heard of Marshawn Lynch?
Chiefs (4-10) @
Lions (6-8)
Time to go back to winning!
Eagles (6-8) @
Saints (7-7)
Now why couldn't the Eagles play like they did last week against every team this season? Beating the Cowboys was a moral victory, and so will be a win against the Saints! Now that they can't make the playoffs, they might as well crush everyone else's playoff dreams!
Falcons (3-11) @
Cardinals (6-8)
Now they can't even get Bill Parcells? It just gets worse and worse for this franchise...
Jets (3-11) @
Titans (8-6)
This one looks easy for the Titans as they're still hoping for their playoff spot...but what about next week against the Colts?
Ravens (4-10) @
Seahawks (9-5)
How do the Ravens go from almost beating the Patriots to losing to the worst team in the NFL? At least Troy Smith is looking alright...
Dolphins (6-7) @
Patriots (14-0)
Don't look for win #2 here.
Redskins (7-7) @
Vikings (8-6)
The Vikings are red hot are going to be a force to reckon with come playoff time.
Broncos (6-8) @
Chargers (9-5)
I'll admit it - I didn't think the Chargers could turn things around. But now, it doesn't look like any teams except the AFC elite can stand a chance against them.

Gotta love Tony.psd!


Golden State of Football
Raiders (4-10) @
Jaguars (10-4)
I gotta give it this Raider team - they're showing huge potential for the next few years. Bring it JaMarcus for the second half!
Buccaneers (9-5) @
49ers (4-10)
Garcia gets to come back to his old team and blow em out! Yay... However if Shaun Hill pulls another miracle, I will be first in line to buy his jersey!

Go to Ballhype and throw down your predictions!.

Remember to hit up your comments about this week's games.

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