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OPEN THREAD: Game #28 - Warriors vs. Cavaliers


Warriors (W-L): 15-12

Cavaliers (W-L): 12-15

Time: 3:00PM PST tip off

TV FSN Bay Area

It's two days before the annual day of paper wasting -- the unwrapping of gifts that is -- and the Warriors take on the Cleveland Cavaliers on the road.  After the Warriors basically gift wrapped their poor play yesterday to the New Jersey Nets last night, can we expect them to bounce back and bring us some holiday cheer?

Update (Atma Brother #1):
Warriors Win!! 105-96
Final Boxscore

Stay tuned for the Recap!

Perhaps its the egg nog and fruit cake that's weighing the Warriors down, but tonight they face an equally frustrating team.  Are the Cavaliers the next Miami Heat (sans the ring)?  Is making it to the NBA Finals somehow becoming a curse?  

With quite arguably the best player in the league right now, the Cavaliers are starting to look like the Philadelphia Sixers of the early (or even late) Iverson era.  Or rather, the less than stellar free-agent acquisitions and draft picks surrounding King James make you cringe thinking that he might end up having a KG-esque career (look out Boston in 10 years!); the years of sacrifice and ugly wine colored jerseys all for nothing.  Despite James putting up some of the most Magic Johnson-esque's numbers since Magic Johnson, the Cavs have stumbled losing 7 of their last 10.  And lucky for us, Larry Hughes is putting up some of the worst stats of his career (10.1 pts a game, lowest since rookie season), shooting less than 35% from the field.  Lets hope another former bay area professional sports athlete doesn't dismantle his former bay area team a la Jeff Garcia right now in the first qaurter versus the Niners.  Sigh.  

I imagine the Warriors will get their act together tonight; as the pattern shows, they usually bounce back well against a embarassing loss.  To get you excited about the season, here are some videos to tie you over until the game (predictions after videos):

Warriors and FSN Bay Area wish you the best this holiday season


* Warriors by 5
* Baron Davis goes for 22-7-8
* In anothern Eastern European showdown, the more active and mobile AB shuts down creaky Z and explodes for 15-13-4 (blocks)
* Boobie (Daniel Gibson) hits 6 threes is unable to contain Monta and Baron
* A relative gives us an unstylish sweater from JC Penny as a holiday gift.

Drop your predictions for tonights game in the comments before and during the game!

If you haven't already submitted a guess for our Xmas Ticket Contest , hop to it!

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