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The W Column: Counting W's for Week 9

Santa has been good to Warrior fans so far this season, but hey we want some New Year's presents too! My crystal ball sees the Dubs finishing up the last full week of 2007 with hopefully 2 more W's. Check out this week's Counting W's segment over at The W Column on FSN Bay Area for some week 9 predictions.

FSN Bay Area
The W Column

What are your Week 9 Warriors predictions?

Just copy and paste the schedule below and fill in a W or L.

vs Timberwolves:
vs Nuggets:
@ Nuggets:

Make the jump for a pictorial scouting report of the Warriors' opponents this week.

This week live at the Roaracle...

The Minnesnowta Timbersmufs!

The Denver Monstars!


Counting W's over at The W Column

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