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Happy Holidays from GSoM!

From left to right: Thunder Snowman, Lil' Monta, Santa Baron, Lil' Dubz Girl and guest starring Tony.psd!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays to everyone here at GSoM!

Some Xmas presents for GSoMers after the jump!

When I was growing up my brothers and I would go about drawing Christmas joy in the living room as we waited to open our presents. Back then it was with notebook paper and crayons. Fast forward to 2007, along with my trusty MacBook and Adobe Illustrator (not to mention a wider audience via Golden State of Mind), as I wait with my wife to open presents and spend time around the Nintendo Wii and holiday meals, I find myself drawing again and sharing some new treats for you and yours.

The Lil' Dubz are back! And they've built a nifty "Thunder Snowman" rockin' some fresh to def GSoM Foam Fingers! Monta is rockin' that seasonal "The City" jersey while Baron gets down with the Santa suit spreading holiday joy and cheer. We got a Lil' Dubz Girl rockin' a half top no matter how how cold the weather may be! With holiday pom poms too. And last but not least, I'm making a guest appearance rockin' out with some inspiring Hip-Hop holiday gear, influenced by Run DMC's "Christmas in Hollis" jam and Kanye's "Stronger Stunnaz'".

From all of us here at Golden State of Mind, we wish you a Happy Holidays alongside your family and friends! Season's Greetings and have a Happy New Year!

... and don't forget to pop in this Holiday Classic starring our man Andris Biedrins!

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