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OPEN THREAD: Game #29 - Warriors vs Nuggets

Warriors (W-L): 17-12

Nuggets (W-L): 17-11

Time: 7:30pm PST

TV:FSN Plus (FSN after Sharks game, around 8p)

Radio: KNBR 680

The Warriors face off against the Nuggets tonight in what is the first game of the Denver double dip. The Warriors head to Denver on Sunday. This is a stretch in the schedule where the Warriors will get a serious test. In the next 7 games, they face Denver twice, Houston (13-15), Dallas (19-11), New Orleans (18-10), San Antonio (20-7), and then Portland (16-12). Coming out of this 7 game stretch with a 4-3 record would be expected, and anything better, a nice surprise. Anything's possible and the Warriors will have to be consistent night in and night out to be successful during this stretch. Hit the jump for the preview.

Update: Warriors lose 120-124

With the Nuggets coming to town and both teams at full strength this will be an excellent test to see how they stack up against another top team in the West. They have nearly identical records although the Nuggets are at the top of their division and the Warriors are third in the Pacific.

Expect some fireworks tonight because both teams score like crazy. The Warriors are the 2nd highest scoring team at 108.1 ppg and Denver is the 3rd highest scoring team at 106.8 ppg. Both teams score a lot but they do it in different ways. Denver relies on their two superstars, Allen Iverson (26.3 ppg) and Carmelo Anthony (25.5 ppg) to put up the bulk of the points while everyone else fills in the rest. Only two other players average double figure on the team and they barely reach it, Linas Kleiza (10.5 ppg) and JR Smith (10.1 ppg). Contrast that with the Warriors who have 6 guys in double figures and spread the ball around evenly.

One of the big differences is the points per game allowed. The Warriors give up 106.2ppg and the Nuggets give up 102.9. Defensively the two teams play a little different. Both teams go for steals but do it differently, the Warriors swarm the opposing players and get in the passing lanes to get steals. On the other hand, Denver takes more chances on reach ins and can afford to get beat because Marcus Camby waits for anyone penetrating the paint. He averages 3.6 blocks per game changes countless amounts of shots. He also cleans the glass to the tune of 14 boards per game. When you have the reigning defensive player of the year in the middle, you can take more chances.

No doubt about it, tonight's game is going to be a lot of fun to watch with the scorekeeper having a busy night keeping up with all the points.


  • Warriors win by 4
  • Total points scored = 240 or more
  • Al Harrington drops 25
  • Baron goes bananas and has a monster game
  • Camby gobbles up 18 rebounds

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