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GSoF: Week 16 Recap and Week 17 Predictions

It all comes down to one game

Perfection is only 1 hour away for the Patriots. The 16-0 season that seemed probable but unlikely is now almost guaranteed.

16-0 is only a part of the amazing story that has surrounded the 2007 Patriots. Let us not forget about the "unbeatable" records that both Brady and Moss are 1 away from. Tom Brady needs one more TD pass to tie Peyton Manning's single season record of 49 and Randy Moss needs one more reception TD to tie Jerry Rice's single's season record 22. Although they'll both reach those records, Rice hit 22 TD receptions in only 12 games because of the strike that season. How bout we put an "asterix" next to Rice's name in the record books?

Obviously all these Pats records put the Giants in a bit of a situation...should they play their starters and risk injuries to beat up players or do what's best for them? I say rest - the Patriots don't affect them in the postseason and they need to do what's best for them. But we'll see in a few hours how it plays out...

No need to hustle this time around buddy

Who screwed up their playoff dreams last week? Both the Vikings and the Browns had a chance to clinch a playoff spot with wins and both teams came up short. They no longer control their destinies and are hoping for losses to get back in the running.

My predictions - The Redskins claim the final NFC spot and the Browns claim the final AFC spot.

49er fans saw the last home game of the great Bryant Young - the last of the '94 Super Bowl team. Young had an amazing career with the 9ers and his presence on the D-line and on the team will be missed.

Something tells me this wasn't easy to do!

Oh snap, the great Atma Brother #1 won the NFL picks by going 14-2! I guess you can send us your e-mail address so you can mail yourself a poster...but you might as well just hang that up somewhere in your pad!

Next week I'll be hitting up a final recap and announcing the winner of those Warrior stay tuned!

Week 17 Predictions after the jump!!


Week 17 Matchups  
Patriots (15-0) @
Giants (10-5)
Like the NFL Network commercial says, what comes after dynasty?
Bengals (6-9) @
Dolphins (1-14)
Bit too late to be winning games don't ya think Bengals? Props to TJ for making the Pro Bowl, but unfortunately Ocho Cinco didn't make the cut...maybe its time to come out to the beautiful Bay?
Seahawks (10-5) @
Falcons (3-12)
I can't wait until the Seahawks get whooped by either the Redskins, Vikings, or Saints in the first round of the playoffs. That's how overrated they are.
Panthers (6-9) @
Buccaneers (9-6)
If the Bucs are willing to take a loss to the 49ers, why not rest the starters and take another loss?
Saints (7-8) @
Bears (6-9)
The Saints need to win in order to even think about the playoffs. Miracles happen...but can they happen two years in a row?
Lions (7-8) @
Packers (12-3)
Props to the Packers for losing the potential for home-field advantage. How are they going to lose twice the Bears? Some people are trying to justify that going to Dallas would increase their odds at winning, but last time I checked, Favre played his best at Lambeau..
Jaguars (11-4) @
Texans (7-8)
FEAR THE JAGUARS - they are going to go far.
Bills (7-8) @
Eagles (7-8)
Is McNabb going to finally leave the Eagles? Every week he seems to have justify his playing abilities and lately he's been showing he's still got it...why let him go now?
Steelers (10-5) @
Ravens (4-11)
Hey Troy Smith doesn't look so bad! Unfortunately for the Ravens, the Steelers need the win combined with a Charger loss to avoid the Jags in the first round...look for the Steelers W.
Chiefs (4-11) @
Jets (3-12)
Both of these teams need losses to stay as low as possible in the draft...but at the end of it all, one of em's movin up!
Cowboys (13-2) @
Redskins (8-7)
The only reason the Cowboys would play their starters all game is to crush the Redskins' playoff dreams...but why would they do that? They barely won the first meeting this year, so why even try?
Rams (3-12) @
Cardinals (7-8)
Give it up to both of these teams for having extreme talent and screwing it up this year!
Vikings (8-7) @
Broncos (6-9)
It was in the Vikings hands and they gave it up. Last week's loss to the Redskins is going to be felt all offseason as they sit and watch the playoffs at their lovely homes in Minnesota.
Titans (9-6) @
Colts (13-2)
Marvin Harrison's expected to start! He'll probably only be the first half seeing as though Tony Dungy is known to rest his starters the last week of the season, think that'll be enough to knock the Titans out of the playoff spot?

Gotta love Tony.psd!


Golden State of Football
49ers (5-10) @
Browns (9-6)
Yay Shaun Hill! But wait, he's not starting this week due to injuries? Ah jeez...Chris Weinke time? With backup Drew Olson? I thought the QB situation couldn't get any worse! As for the Browns, this game is meaningless - they make the playoffs if the Titans lose regardless of if they win this week. So why not play Brady Quinn and see what he's got? I'll tell you what he's got coming to him - 1 sack by Bryant Young and 1 sack by Patrick Willis! Call it - the sack from the past and the sack from the future!
Chargers (10-5) @
Raiders (4-11)
Oh man, JaMarcus went 7-23 for 83 yards, 1 TD and 3 INTs! Not pretty at all..but in his defense, he was playing one of the best teams in the NFL. At least he could laugh about it in the post game interview, gotta give him that. He gets his first start this week against a Charger team that's hungry for this last win...not gonna be pretty, but at least it'll be hopeful?

Go to Ballhype and throw down your predictions!.

Remember to hit up your comments about this week's games.

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