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The City Star Starring Warriors Nation

Loyal GSoMer Chris Middleton of San Francisco's free daily neighbordhood newspaper The City Star wrote a fun piece about Warrior fans for today's edition and asked me to drop a few words to explain the unstoppable baby-ness of Dub Nation. Definitely head on over to their site and check out his article Warriors Winning Ways Bringing Fans Back on page 6 and make The City Star a regular read to catch up on the latest in SF.

snap_01.jpg   city-star-page-6.jpg

I'll pass the mic to Al Harrington for some words of wisdom:

We've got the best fans. When we start going, they get after it and make it tough for the other teams to hear their defensive coverages and stuff like that. So it's an advantage for us when they get crazy.

Why do you think Warrior fans are so crazy? What makes us so hype?

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