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OPEN THREAD: Game # 17 - Warriors vs. Magic


Warriors (W-L): 9-7

Magic (W-L): 15-4

Time: 7:30PM PST tip off

TV FSN Bay Area

Vegas Odds Golden State favored by 2.5 pts (source:

Hoooo boy. Tonight is going to be a hell of a match-up.

After a convincing win in Seattle last night, our boys are returning to the Arena to face off against the red hot Orlando Magic. Early speculation around the hoops world is putting the Magic second only to the mighty Celtics as the Eastern Conference superpower. Now whether this claim is questionable or not, Orlando's record isn't.

This is not a W that's going to come easy.

Dwight Howard has really come into his own this season. I've heard more than one person refer to him as a "Young Shaq", and I can't say that I entirely disagree. Averaging 23.5 pts and 14.6 boards, there can be no doubt that we're facing a premiere center tonight. With our recent surge in defensive efforts, Howard is truly going to put our boys to the test. My guess is that Nellie is going to play Harrington on him after his recent work with Yao. Despite Howard having a bit more speed, let's hope we can shut him down.

Add to the equation Rashard Lewis, who had proven his worth as an offensive contributor, and we will have a lot to contain. (Git' him Jack!)

Let's out-run em and out-gun em!! Tonight is a statement game.

GSoM Prediction:
- Warriors by 4.
- Foyle outscores Howard.
- Monta goes off for 30 plus.

Be sure to stop by our friends at Orlando Magic blog, Third Quarter Collapse and drop some thoughts on the game tonight.

Welcome back Adonal and GO WARRIORS!!!

**UPDATE** (Hash): After coming home and reading through the comments, we retract our statement that tonight's game is a "statement game". We regret any emotional trauma this may have caused you, your family, your coworkers, or your pets.
We still maintain the Foyle will outscore Howard. Advanced apologies to those of you who are unfamiliar with sarcasm.
That is all.

**UPDATE** (Hash): Yahoo Boxscore

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