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OPEN THREAD: Game 31 - Warriors @ Nuggets


Warriors (W-L): 17-13
Nuggets (W-L): 18-11
Time: 5:00pm PST
Radio: KNBR 680

Champagne Pop Bottles for the Warriors!

2008 is almost here, so lets toast to 2007!

We’ve had much to be thankful for in the last year as far as hoops go.  In what looked to be another lost season of overhyped expectations, the Warriors not only did the unthinkable, they did the unbelievable and the otherworldly.  

They traded Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Update (Atma Brother #1):

Warriors Win!! 105-95

Final Boxscore

Stay tuned for the Recap!

And they also made it to the playoffs breaking a decade plus worth of futility and not to mention cheaper ticket prices.  Somehow, Don Nelson played Leonardo Di Caprio and made the Titanic of the NBA a box office hit if ESPN coverage and jersey sales were any indication.  Further, he somehow washed away the sins of the fathers; we’re talking multiple Warrior administrations prior that make Dubya seem like Abe Lincoln bringing the Union together.  The Warriors got athletic and they got more skilled.  Instead of banking on the future, we got excited about the now because players could actually shoot from beyond the designated restricted area and dribble more than 3 times without losing the ball.  Now we don't have to hear Jim Barnett remind us of how our superstars maximized their skills in the offseason by actually minimizing what was expected of them.  

The Warriors have given us 8 months of feeling like it a legitimate professional team.  I’ve never craved Warriors basketball in this kind of way.  Previously, I had only craved trashing Dunleavy Jr..  I probably spent more time thinking about who the Warriors could draft next than thinking about the next team they were playing.  Winning is addicting and, damnit, I want more!  In the words of Brittney Spears, who’s own 2007 was as storied as the Warriors legend-making playoff run, "Gimme more!"

Lets hope the Warriors begin listening to our 2008 New Year’s resolutions early and start the 2008 year right by finishing 2007 strong.  For some reason, all the NBA teams this last few days have played the team they JUST played in the previous game but either away (or home depending on who your rooting for).  Meaning: The Warriors play the Nuggets at the Pepsi Center.

The shootout of last Friday brought some of the best and worst of Warriors basketball.  But Warriors are usually pretty good about adjusting after losses.  Plus, they haven’t loss two straight since their horrific start.  So, just judging off patterns, the Warriors are golden right?  


•    Warriors by -5
•    Kelenna get his shot back dropping a few threes
•    Warriors take less threes and learn to attack zone defenses more productively
•    Linus Kleiza is a stud…again.
•    Camby destroys the Warriors interior
•    The Warriors shoot 55% from the field

What are your predictions for the game?  Drop your comments!  Also don't forget to check out the Q&A and conversation between the Nuggs Doctor and GSoM earlier this week.  

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