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Mickael Pietrus Becomes Tradeable on January 1st

When the clock strikes 12 am on Tuesday we'll be welcoming in 2008 (don't forget to participate in the GSoM New Year's Resolutions Contest) and saying goodbye to 2007. Will we also be saying goodbye to the currently longest tenured Golden State Warrior Mickael Pietrus soon after as well?

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Where will Air France be flying in 2k8?

From Geoff Lepper [Contra Costa Times]:

After signing Pietrus to a one-year qualifying offer worth $3.47 million, the Warriors have been prohibited from dealing him for three months -- a limitation that ends Tuesday.

While both sides said they're not actively seeking a divorce, there is no doubt that Pietrus would still like to wind up with a team where he'll get more consistent playing time. And it's equally clear that the Warriors are open to the idea of dealing their longest-tenured player.

"If a trade is offered, I'll go," said Pietrus, who has the right to veto any deal because he would have to relinquish his "Larry Bird rights," potentially costing himself money on the free agent market next summer. "I'll give up my 'Bird rights' for 35 minutes (per game)."

According to executive vice president Chris Mullin, the Warriors are not shopping Pietrus' wares, but they are amenable to a trade if offered something suitably desirable.

Hop onboard Air France for a few thoughts and links after the jump!

A few quickies:

  • Pietrus' numbers are down drastically all across the board this season compared to last. I'm not even joking. Look at his minutes, points, FG makes, FG attempts, FG %, 3pt makes, 3pt attempts, 3pt %, FT attempts, FT makes, Rebounds, Assists, Turnovers (!), blocks, and even fouls (!)- they're all way down. You have to wonder if both sides played this one wrong as Pietrus' value was probably much higher this past off season. Some GMs might have been fooled into thinking he was capable of a starting role and minutes a few months back, but if an athletic swingman can't get big minutes on a Nellie coached team that lacks depth where can he make an impact?

  • I don't think I can name a single team that would play MP2 35 minutes per game. Maybe the Timberwolves?

  • Pietrus is only 25, but he's pretty much peaked. What you saw last year is pretty much what you're going to get. A solid backup who can knock the 3-ball from the corners, hustle for some boards, pick up some thefts and swats, brings a lot of fun and positive energy to the court and locker room, but one who does make more mistakes and mental errors than you'd like, doesn't have the best shot selection, doesn't handle the rock well enough for a 2-guard, rarely passes, and fouls way too much. Not a bad 8th or 9th man, but not all that much more unless he makes some drastic improvements in his game.

  • If Pietrus does go before the trading deadline, I'm really going to miss his goofiness. This guy is hilarious both on purpose and on accident!

MP2 was an unforgettable hype man last spring!

Do you think Mickael Pietrus will be moved before the February trading deadline?

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