Facing the Bucks

Comparative stats:

Golden State Warriors  (9-8)                                     Milwaukee Bucks  (7-8)
PPG -109.1 (# 1)                                                       PPG -95.4 (# 24)
FG% - 45.0 (15th)                                                       FG%: 46.6 (6TH)
3-Point % - 33.9 (19th)                                                3-Point %: 32.4 (24th)
RPG : 12.4 (7th)                                                          RPG: 11.5 (15TH)

Last season, the Bucks were 2-0 with the Warriors. The franchise retained their core of last year roster with some additions notably the Chinese star Yi. Last season, they were decimated by injuries and finished 28-54. They fired Terry Stotts at midseason and hired Coach Krystkowiak. When healthy, this team is capable of filing points because of high shooting percentage as a team at 46.6% (6th). They are however, 24th in the league at 95.4 PPG.. Depth up front is not going to be a problem with Bogut, Charlie Villanueva Demond Mason, Bobby Simmons and Yi. Their backcourt is also formidable with Mo Williams, Michael Redd, Charlie Bell who showed solid contributions last year when the Bucks endured injuries. They have one of the best catch and shoot player of the league especially coming from screen in Redd.

Having said that, their team stats shows that only 3 players averages in double figures in ppg (Redd -23.2; Williams - 14.3; Bogut - 12.1) which is reflective on their team's production of 95.4 ppg. However, their defense is telling as they limit the opteam to 99.7 (17th) as oppose to the Warriors giving their opteam 108.1 ppg which is the last in the league (30th)

They have also a 5 run winning streak last month and putting them on top of Central Division after beating the Lakers (110-103) and Dallas (97-95). But after their loss at Philadelphia, they lost 3 more successively ending up with over all record of 7-8 and 4th in Central Division, 9th East. Interestingly, the Bucks are 5-0 when they score at least 100 a game and/or equal/surpass their opteam fg%. They are also playing the back end of their b2b tomorrow night at the Oracle after playing with the Clippers tonight at Staples.

Warriors are not playing tonight, so they are amply rested and no reason they can't out run the weary and sliding Bucks. If they can find their shooting touch and limit the points production of the Bucks below 100, then they will beat them by 7.

Go Dubs!

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