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YouTube Tuesday: A Diamond Still Rough


Nope! Not quite yet. Despite a great overall performance, it's clear that Monta still has a little bit of growing to do. Out overtime last night was most revealing in that without Baron, there was a lot of nervousness in our remaining ball handlers. It was a scary glimpse into what we may have to endure if Baron (god forbid) got injured and had to sit out a few games.

As our team looks towards the future, however, Monta becomes more and more of an asset with each passing game. Where is he going to be mid-season? Where is he going to be next season? Where is he going to be years from now?

While the answer to that question, (scarily enough) may be "another team", it's exciting to think of Monta on the Warriors a year or two from now. Imagine Ellis with the confidence to lead this team when Baron is off of the floor. Imagine being able to place him in the same 6th man category as players like Jason Terry or (one of my personal favorites) Bobby Jackson. Or better yet, beyond 6th man. Who would we be comparing him to then?

The talent is there. To some degree, he's still a bit of coal, waiting to turn into a brilliant diamond.

Just a little more time.

Just a little more pressure.

Mad props as always to PFortyy for another amazing creation!

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