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OPEN THREAD: Game #18 - Warriors vs Bucks

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Warriors (W-L): 9-8

Bucks (W-L): 8-8

Time: 7:30pm PST

TV: FSN Plus

Radio: KNBR 680

Yi Jianlian. Did we hype him up enough during the offseason? He's making his Bay Area debut tonight in the Warriors' Asian American Heritage Night. Normally, I wouldn't get excited about the Bucks because other than Michael Redd it's hard to get excited about watching these guys. Mo Williams? Good player but not exciting enough to make me plan my night around watching him. Andrew Bogut? Maybe. But I'm definitely excited to watch their #1 draft pick, Yi Jianlian of Yi Movement fame. I'm not the only one either. I expect many members of the Asian community to come out and watch The Yi Movement just as they came out last Thursday to watch Yao.

It was less than a month ago that David Thorpe called Yi, "the best rookie to date". High praise at that point. Yi has fallen off a little since that November 15 article seeing a dip in points and rebounds. He hasn't scored in double digits in 4 games nor has he grabbed more than 4 rebounds despite averaging nearly 25 minutes. That doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for tonight. I've never seen him play but from articles around the web, he seems smooth for a man that tall and fun to watch.

As far as the Bucks, they're a poor road team at just 2-6 on the year. Win number 2 came last night as they knocked off the slumping Clippers by winning the 4th quarter. The Warriors should take advantage of the Bucks being on the 2nd game of a back to back. They should be rested and should try to come out quick to put the Bucks away early. Also, if the Warriors throw Jax at Redd and make it difficult for him to score, it'll be interesting to see where the points come from. Mo Williams is capable of scoring 20+ points and I'd rather make him a scorer than distributer. The other key matchup is keeping Bogut contained. He's their leading rebounder and having a solid season, but the combination of Biedrins and TMNHarrington should do the trick.

Honestly, I'm not really worried about this Bucks team. Talent wise, they just don't match up. The Warriors will impose their frenetic style of play tonight and the Bucks will be no match. Am I overlooking this Bucks team? Yes. I'll admit it. Am I overconfident now that the Warriors are one of the hottest teams out there? Yes. Geez they nearly beat Orlando with Baron and Al a combined 10-40 from the field. This could be a lot closer than I think especially if the Warriors come out flat, but I just don't think Nellie will let that happen.

Look for Tony.psd and Boom Dizzle sign!


  • Warriors win by 15
  • Baron's line: 27pts, 4 rebs, 11assists
  • Biedrins goes in'n out style with a double double
  • The Big Yi-sy impresses with an efficient 15 points
  • Michael Redd gets SHUT DOWN and scores less than 15

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The Yi Saga at GSoM:

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