Facing the Lakers

Comparative Stats (raw numbers)

Golden State Warriors                                            Los Angeles Lakers
PPG: 109.7 (2nd)                                                   106.3 (5th)
FG%: 43.5 (21st)                                                    46.9 (6th)
3-point %: 35.5 (16th)                                            35.8 (13th)
FT%: 70.1 (28th)                                                     77.2 (8th)
RPG: 12.3 (8th)                                                        10.9 (17th)

PPG: 107.1 (30th)                                                    101.9 (22nd)  
FG%: 46.0 (21st)                                                      44.0 (5th)
3-pt%: 37.2 (24th)                                                    33.0 (3rd)
FT%: 74.3 (9th)                                                        73.4 (6th)
RPG%: 30.8 (17th)                                                   33.6 (4th)      

Again, this game is a reality check for the Dubs; a battle for supremacy of California's basketball. Last season, the Lakers were 4-0 with the Warriors and also swept them in 2005-2006. They were 13-1 over the Warriors and they have yet to lose a season series since the 1993-94 season. At this point, it is safe to say that the Warriors helped the Lakers into playoffs in the past few seasons by their domination over them.

The Lakers will be resting for three days after winning over Denver 111-107 and erasing the season high of 51 pts by AI. The Warriors will play at the Staples Center with only a day rest after the inspiring win over the Heat last night. So far, the Lakers are 5-4 among the Western frontrunners; Denver 2-0; Suns 1-1; Utah 1-1; Houston 1-1; San Antonio 0-1 and Hornets 0-1. They have yet to meet GSW and Dallas.

After playing 19 games apiece, the Warriors have the same standing in both division and conference level with 11-8 each.  Statistically, they are almost even. The Dubs protect more the ball per game than the Lakers, having less TO; 13.6/17.3; and they force more TO to opteams 17.9/15.2 with more points in the paint 48.7/46.4. Collectively, Dubs starters Davis/Ellis/Jackson/Harrington/Biedrins have an aggregate points of 100 ppg, compared to DFish/Kobe/Odom/Walton/Bynum nets only 90.8 ppg. Will the high scoring trio (Davis, Jackson and Ellis) can outscored the Kobe-led Lakers? Can the Warriors continue their resiliency in never giving up even trailing most of the time? Will they continue to play in their resolute ways to turn the game over in their favor through stifling defense and will to win? They have done it with the 76ers, Kings and Heat although fell short with the Magic. It is also a battle of wits for the two of the best bench tacticians in the league? Will the "small ball" of Nellie prevails over the proven triangle offense of Phil? Will find out on Sunday.

Having said that, the Lakers lost their last 2 preseason games to the Warriors in Hawaii. If that could be an indication, then, the Warriors had a fighting chance to even up the score with the Lakers and end their domination over them. I say Warriors by 3.

Go Dubs!

Pre-season game highlights 10/11/07 - Warriors 111-Lakers 110 om/recaps/recap08_per012_gswlal.asx&video=blank&nbasite=nba

THud winning basket om/pod/pod_071009.asx&video=blank&nbasite=nba

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