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GSOM Ticket Contest: Guess the Correct Number


And the winner is (drum roll please)... tinfoyle with his answer of 101 at 4:33pm today. Congratulations! tinfoyle, email us at from the address on your GSoM account and we'll hook you up with the lower bowl tickets to go see the Warriors take on the Spurs this coming Tuesday. For those of you who didn't win, we have plenty of contests still in store, so you still have many chances to win some free tickets!

Make the jump for the answers!


If you win this contest, you'll be seeing Duncan like this

The Spurs are coming to town this Tuesday and we have 2 lower bowl tickets we're trying to give away for the game. This contest is going to be different than the previous ones. It's not timed, but rather based on your Nostradamus-like abilities. In every GSOM Open Thread, we like to give predictions of what will happen during the game. We always get the predictions correct. So for this contest we're testing how well you can predict future events in the Warriors-Lakers game.

Here's how it works. Below you'll find a series of questions that have numerical answers. We're going to add up the numbers to those questions and whoever gets closest to the actual number wins the tickets. Tiebreaker goes to the person who posts first according to the time stamp. Your answer must be in before 6:30p Sunday, December 9th to be eligible. Ready? Set? Go.

In the Warriors-Lakers game:
  1. How many points will the Warriors win by? Take the Warriors' final score and subtract the Lakers' final score. If you think the Warriors will lose, you'll end up with a negative number.
  2. Baron Davis is from LA, so he just might have a good game in his hometown. Take the number of points you think he'll score and add the number of assists he hands out to get your answer.
  3. Kobe Kobe Kobe. The Lakers are all about Kobe. He's never been shy about shooting the rock. How many shots (excluding free throws) is he going to take?
  4. Both teams have a young center playing well. The Lakers have Andrew Bynum and the Warriors have Andris Biedrins. I expect our guy to win this matchup statistically. Take the total of Biedrins' points + rebounds and subtract the total of Bynum's points + rebounds for your answer. This answer can be negative if you think Bynum's numbers will be greater than Biedrins.
  5. The Warriors have shot well the last couple of games from the free throw line. What percentage will the Warriors shoot from the line?
  6. The Warriors thrive on making the opponent turn the ball over. Predict the number of Laker turnovers minus the number of Warrior turnovers. This answer can be negative if you think the Warriors will turn the ball over more times than the Lakers.
  7. Just for fun, how many minutes do you think Patrick O'Bryant will play? This answer cannot be negative!

Here's an example of what your answer should look like:

1) Warriors win by: 45
2) Baron's points + assists: 43
3) Kobe's shots: 42
4) Biedrins vs Bynum: 7
5) Warriors' free throw%: 76
6) Laker turnovers - Warrior turnovers: 8
7) POB's minutes: 0

Total = 221

In order to win, you must show your answers to each question and then add up the total.

Remember, the answer that gets closest to the actual total for the above questions for the Warriors-Lakers game wins 2 lower bowl tickets to Tuesday's Warriors-Spurs game.

Update: After seeing the answers so far, I've realized that the tiebreakers need to change. So, I'm amending the rules to change the tiebreakers. This change should not affect your answers. Here is the new tiebreaker format. If multiple entries have the same total number, the tiebreakers are in this order:
- For question 1 in guessing the win differential, whoever is closest to the actual win differential is the winner.
- If there is still a tie, continue on to question 2 to see who is closest. Continue on to each subsequent question until the tie is broken.
- If all the answers are identical, then the timestamp is used to determine the winner. The earlier timestamp is the winner.

Again, my sincerest apologies for any confusion this may have caused, but since this is the first contest like this just trying to iron out the kinks. This should be the fairest way to determine the winner. GOOD LUCK!

Here are the answers to this edition of the GSOM Ticket Contest.

  1. Warriors score (113) – Lakers score (123) = -10
  2. Baron’s points (20) + assists (7) = 27
  3. Kobe’s shot attempts (excluding free throws) = 23
  4. (Biedrins (points (7) + rebounds (6)) = 13) - (Bynum (points (20) + rebounds (11)) = 31) = -18
  5. Warriors free throw percentage: 17-22 = 77%
  6. (Lakers turnovers = 15) – (Warriors turnovers = 17) = -2
  7. Patrick O’Bryant’s minutes = 1

Add it all up: -10 + 27 + 23 + -18 + 77 + -2 + 1 = 98

Everyone guessed too high with many people well over the actual score. I have to imagine that the main reason for that is nobody expected the large difference in points and rebounds between Biedrins and Bynum. The other major miscalculation might have been the amount of points + assists expected from Baron tonight.

tinfoyle came in with an answer of 101 narrowly missing the exact number. He nearly nailed the win differential and hit the free throw percentage right on. Good job and congrats!

Warriors win by: -8
Baron's points + assists: 23
Kobe's shots: 18
Biedrins vs Bynum: -10
Warriors' free throw%: 77
Laker turnovers - Warrior turnovers: 1
POB's minutes: 0
Total = 101

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