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OPEN THREAD: Game #20: Warriors @ Lakers

Warriors (W-L): 11-8

Lakers (W-L): 11-8

Time: 6:30pm PST


Radio: KNBR 680

The Warriors absolutely own the Lakers! Yea, right. The Lakers have the Warriors number. It's actually pretty ugly. The Warriors have lost 8 straight to the Lakers and haven't won at Staples since January of 2003, nearly 5 years! But that's all going to change tonight. This is a different Warriors team from those of years prior. The streaks end tonight and this is how they plan on doing it:

You can't score if I sit on you!

Sasha guarding Baron? Yes, please

This game is part of NBA Heritage Week. It's a celebration and appreciation of what the NBA was and what the NBA is now. Check out what has done to keep the great history alive.

The Lakers are coming off back to back wins and are on a nice 3 day rest. They should be rested enough to keep up with the Warriors running and gunning, so it will be up to the Warriors to tighten up the D while continuing to push their style of play on offense. To win, the Warriors will have to overcome Kobe, Odom, Bynum, and the rest of the supporting cast along with some nasty history. If the Warriors win, the streak ends and the Warriors take a 1 game lead over the Lakers in the Pacific standings.

A lot of you will probably be watching this game even closer than normal if you've thrown in your entry for the latest GSOM Ticket Contest. We appreciate all the entries. I've also noticed a lot of people have just signed up for accounts on GSOM so that they can try to win. Thanks for signing up! We would love for all of you to drop a line in this open thread as well and participate in the GSOM community.

Go Warriors!


  • Warriors win by 7
  • Pietrus scores 15 and doesn't step out of bounds on the sideline.
  • Bynum grabs 14 boards
  • Kobe scores 35

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Update (Atma Brother #1): Live Boxscore from Yahoo!

Update 2 (Atma Brother #1): Warriors lose again in LA 113-123.

Stay tuned for the recap...

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