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RECAP: WARRIORS 94, HAWKS 115 - Not too late for the Durant Sweepstakes?

"Seeing things that I know can't be
Am I dreaming?...
…Got a better glimpse and then I looked away
It's like I'm losing it."
"Déjà vu" -- Beyonce featuring Jay-Z

Once a hot mess, now just a mess
Final boxscore

Reading the Yahoo! box score, it was like Déjà vu (see comments in the open thread).  Deja vu like Beyonce’s recent boilerplate tune, but also déjà vu like the psychological state of illusions having similitude with something experienced before.
(Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)
Davis: Don't worry guys, the game isn't televised! Nobody will see how bad we're really playing!

The "déjà vu" of seeing the Warriors completely fall apart for the second night in a row was so similar to seeing and hearing Beyonce teaming with Jay-Z on last years’ "Crazy in love" II, "Déjà vu."  I think we can all agree that the Warriors play is getting old.  I think maybe we’re tired of seeing Beyonce and Jay-z together and perhaps it was inevitable that another collaboration would sound corny -- as if they were doing their hip-hop version of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's Newlyweds.  

The road woes continue as many of our astute GSoM readers and contributors have noted.  For people who say the numbers don’t tell the whole story, I would say that it was more than enough to explain how poorly they played and revealing of the deficiencies that opposing teams continue to exploit.  For many of us watching the game through Yahoo! Live Boxscore, it was obvious that the Warriors lack of rebounding and the Hawk’s second chance opportunities largely shaped the overall outcome.  This comes from a completely different game, but at one point during the Cavs game, Drew Gooden, in the span of 6 seconds, missed a 12 foot jumper, grabbed his own rebound, missed an 8 foot jumper, again grabbed his own rebound, then made a layup.  I am assuming that this was symptomatic of yesterday's game.  In addition, the Hawks missed only 2 freethrows compared to the 12 missed by the Warriors.  The 3 point shooting disparity added another dimension to the blow out (8.6% on threes in the last two games to be exact, juxtapose that against the 40% exhibited by the Hawks).  But really, no need to continue on with what we already know.  
In Marcus Thompson's breakdown of the Hawks game, Biedrins speaks the truth: "It doesn't matter if one guy or two guys are working on defense and another two or three guys are not working. Five guys have to defend and rebound. It takes five people."
(Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

The juxtaposition of these two photos is priceless.
(Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images)

It’s almost kind of eerie that the Warriors are the cure for any team’s offensive and defensive struggles.  As many noted in the open thread, why is it that opposing teams find their 3pt touch against the Warriors?  How is it that the random 10, 11, 12 man on the team begins to look like a legitimate rotation guy?  Kapono, then Pavlocic, and tonight it was Josh Childress.  Okay, Childress isn’t a scrub, but the dude came close to a triple double (23 pts, 8 rbs, and 7 ast to be exact)!
Childress don't hurt em!!!
(AP Photo/John Amis)

At least Top Chef was on tonight and thank goodness Marcel didn't win; otherwise, I might have been really irritated.  Best of luck to Ilan!

Warrior Wonder:  Gerilyn.  This Warrior girl deserves it for reppin’ the Yay in Sin City for the All-Star break.  Next to Baron Davis, she’s probably the hardest working Warrior.  Another round of applause for Gerilyn for giving us something to cheer about!

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