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MT, one of the hardest working beat writers on the Net

GSoM colleague Marcus Thompson breaks bread with in this week's edition of "Behind the Beat."  The subtitle, "If Baron doesn't like you, he makes life hard for you" may be a little misleading. MT later qualifies the statement.  As always, MT tells it like it is; straight, no chaser.  

From the emergence of Ellis and Biedrins, to the jettisoned Dunleavy, MT answers some of the tough and dirty questions that may explain why the Warriors are in same spot they were last season around this time.  

Most interesting is perhaps is his answer to the perception that bloggers got power and fame.

Hoopshype: A lot of beat writers now have blogs in their newspaper website. Do you get paid for that too?

MT: We barely get paid for our beat-writing gigs! It's just part of the salary.

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