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Playoff Poll Results

In the past couple weeks, we've had 2 polls up about what everyone thinks about the Warriors playoff chances. There was a poll that happened before the trade and a poll after the trade. Let's look at the results:

BEFORE the 8 player trade:

AFTER the 8 player trade:

Clearly we were all happy about the trade and thought great things were going to happen. Unfortunately, the trade isn't working out as planned and our road trip out East is eliminating hope from even some of the most die hard fans. Will the streak extend to 13 years? Looks like it unless the Warriors can win on the road an roll off a nice win streak. Before we think playoffs, let's think .500.

I would put up another poll about Yes/No on playoffs right now but I'm afraid to see what the poll would look like, something like 0% Yes, 100% No. Yikes.

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