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Final Yahoo! Boxscore

In the words of John Brown of the most awesomest show on tv right now, The White Rapper Show, "HALLELUJAH HOLLABACK!"

Hammer:We got to pray just to make it today!
(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

The Warriors followed their new tried and true formula to winning, which actually seems a lot like their formula to losing.  So if their losing formula looks like this:

* Shoot high percentage first half, build sizeable lead with absolutely no defense + third quarter meltdown with absolutely no motion on offense = blow out

Then this is what their winning formula looks like this:

* Shoot high percentage first half, build sizeable lead with absolutely no defense + third quarter meltdown with absolutely no motion on offense + reserves Azubuike or Powell step up rally us back + Warrior goes down with freak injury  = win a close one!
Unfortunately, this is the way we roll, we roll!
(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

For the fans, this is some of the most exciting basketball I think you'll see in the NBA.  Even ESPN's commentators agreed!  The up and down pace at times in the first half was electrifying.  Having athletic perimeter guys (Harrington, Jax and to a lesser extent Azubuike) who can create their own shots and hit open and clutch shots is something we haven't seen a while.  It had me thinking if we actually had some more dribble penetration last night whether that might have opened up more looks from the perimeter.  Though, it is hard to complain about shooting forty four percent from downtown (compared to forty two percent from inside the arc).  However, the most important stat, I think, has got to be the assists.  Thirty one assists means the Warriors are sharing and getting easier buckets.  There is less one-on-five business against a team indoctrinated with anti-Nellie, Coach Skiles' defensive ethos.

Some highlights:

The emergency point foward Jax -- break open in case of emergency -- was efficient though hardly a long term solution.  Eight assists is amazing and goes to show that Nellie loves guys with versatility.

Ellis' composure in the clutch and much improved mid range game.  His one dribble, hesitation, pull up ten footer in the lane against Duhon with less than two minutes left showed me some maturity that he wasn't going to just try to run some one over in the lane.  

Pow-ell! and Azubuike!  Powell looks like shorter, but more athletic Udonis Haslem.  Nine points in eleven minutes is pretty darn efficient. But more importantly, Powell had range up to twenty feet.  As far as Azubuike goes... by the way, what are we calling him now?  In limited minutes, AZ was part of the b-team that came in and actually played some D (man-to-man finally!).  He got his hands in the passing lanes, which led to some easy buckets.
too legit to quit!
(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

Good to see Jassy contributing despite shooting horribly from the field.  In the open floor, Jassy had some control and found the open man on the break a couple times.  Jassy hit two clutch threes and distributed five assists.  Shooting off the dribble is definitely not his thing.

Breakin' Ankles!  No, I'm not talking about Pietrus' ankle woes.  Did you all catch Harrington knock over Khrypa with his jab step?  TMNT didn't even need to dribble.  He is THAT good (some sarcasm).

Low lights:

Zone defense is not going to cut it in the NBA.  Duhon, Gordon and Hinrich got into the lane with ease and for some reason Wallace, Brown, or whoever else was able to backcut against us.  The man to man D by the sec-sec-sec-sec-second UNIT changed the game.  Even Harrington can attest to that.
Harrington, you got to Turn, this mutha out!
(AP Photo/George Nikitin)

One on five.  Did anyone ever catch that French Prince of Bel-Air episode where Will is on his high school basketball team but never passes to his teammates during a game against Malibu Prep despite them being wide open?  Well, in case you didn't here are some clips, though not necessarily the clip I wanted but you can get the point:

Fresh Prince killing them in high school

The Warriors looked a lot like this with either Jax or Harrington launching a jumpshot or attempting to drive through four people either getting stripped or blocked.  Maybe Nellie should show some of Will's game footage?  Its obvious without Baron, this team has absolutely no ball movement.

Missing Layups.  This is like the first shot you learn in basketball and the Warriors probably made more threes last night than layups.  Everyone from Jassy, Jax, Monta, Harrington, Pietrus, Powell, et al were bricking reverse layups on no one.  It kind of reminded me of myself in high school ball when I used to blow by the guy only to brick the easy two...Maybe that's why they let me go by

The Warriors beat a legitimate team at home last night and it was a GREAT TIMEOUT!  Surprisingly, Legler, Tolbert, and the corny color announcer had good things to say about the Warriors, some things I definitely wouldn't agree with.  Both Legler and Tolbert seemed to believe that there was a method or logic to the Warriors madness; as they described it, "a shootout, an up and down game."  Eh? But for that to happen, the Warriors actually have to make some stops on the defensive end or create turnovers.  Trading bucket for bucket, or a three for a two won't keep you in the game long.  
Unable to stand the "Hammertime," Wallace check outs "the girls with the pumps and a bump."
(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

Warrior Wonder:  
Adonal Foyle.  Altough the man didn't do anything out of the ordinary, Mr. Golden State, had some great outlet passes.  After a couple defensive stops, Foyle would launch an outlet pass in his usual dramatic fashion: taking a huge step forward, throwing it to half court with an exaggerated one or two handed motion.  Tolbert says quietly: Wow, nice outlet pass.  Also, I give props to Foyle for passing that ridiculous U.S. Citizenship test.  Why is that the cheesy commentator -- who by the way kept it local yelling "HAMMERTIME!" as the Warriors crept back in it -- who says he is a naturalized citizen by way of Canada, only had to answer three questions versus Adonal's seven to obtain citizenship?  Anyway, here's to you Adonal and your HOF worth outlet passes!

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