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Nellie on the Warriors' Defense

Here's what Warriors' head coach Don Nelson had to say about the Warriors' defense (if that's what you want to call it) after the recent loss to the formerly lowly Hotlanta Hawks (via Monte Poole at Inside Bay Area):

"I'm down to eight guys at this time, and this isn't the first time this season that we've only had eight," Nelson said before the game. "The problem is, defense. If I'm penalizing guys for not being in position defensively, or getting beat where they're not supposed to get beat, or not closing out, or not challenging shots or things like that, and you only have eight guys sitting there, probably two of them have come out for the same reason."

"I told the team that the other day, and they got a big laugh out of it. I said, 'It's not that I'm going to bury you on the bench. You're going to get back in because the other poor bastard is making the same mistakes.'"

Nelson chuckled as he said this, presumably to keep from crying.

This squad is most likely going to miss the playoffs for the 13th consecutive year (man, you have TRY to be that bad in a league where over half the teams qualify for the postseason), but at least we have one helluva entertaining coach. Flip back through the GSoM archives and pay special attention to The Dirty Dozen (Part I | Part II | Part III)- Is Nellie the most entertaining coach the Warriors have had during the Cohan era of ineptitude?

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