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Filed under:'s The NBA Round Table 2/14/07

This week's edition of The NBA Round Table is up over at NY Times company


This Week's Crew

The Questions

  • The All-Star break is a good time for reflection. Who are your suprise teams of the season so far, both good and bad?
  • The Knicks passed the 50-game mark with a record of 22-28. They won only 23 games all last season. Has Isiah Thomas shown enough to warrant more time at the helm in New York?
  • It's early but last year's Finals participants are already beginning to snipe at each other. The Palm Beach Post has Dwayne Wade needling Dallas Forward Dirk Nowtizki, "Dirk said that they gave us the championship last year...but he's the reason they lost the championship because he wasn't the leader he's supposed to be in the closing moments." ( Is Wade out of line? More importantly, is he right?
  • Nonsensical prediction time: Who wins the All-Star game, the MVP, and the dunk, 3-pointer, and skills competitions?
  • Has the All-Star weekend lost its luster from the days when we'd see names like Magic, Bird, and Jordan in all of the above-named competitions even though guys like LeBron and Wade are there? If so (or even if not) any suggestions?
  • Every year there's a team that comes on late and there's a team that started strong but after the break sinks faster than a Warrior fan's mid-winter playoff dreams. Who are those teams this year?
  • What surprise player is going to come on strong in the final months of the season?

Post your answers to The NBA Round Table questions in the comments.

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