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GSoM Fantasy Hoops League: Part II

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The first season of GSoM Fantasy Hoops has been very interesting, but Sleepy Freud is running away with it. Barring any crazy events, he'll win the league. But Sporting News has split the NBA season up into two halves, before and after the All-Star break, so that fantasy owners can have 2 seasons.

So another league is starting up again. Last season we had close to 90 teams and hopefully we can break that mark.

Sign up for GSoM Fantasy Hoops: Part II

When you click the link, there's no password to enter. Just enter your team name in the box and set up your 6 man roster. If you have questions about the rules, please refer to the rules on the website.

In addition to those rules, just like last season, we're going to have some GSoM rules.

  1. No buying trades. You have to use only the allotted 2 trades per week. Some of us are rich and some of us are not, we want to even the playing field with this rule.
  2. You must be a GSoM member. So when signing up for the league, either make your team name your user name from GSoM or when registering for a user name, use the same user name as on GSoM. If we find out that one of the teams is not registered at GSoM, we're giving you the boot or just not giving you the prize.

This is something that I'm sure you've all been wanting for all your hard work because seriously, to be a top team in the league you have to do some serious homework. So, what we're going to give away are some GSoM t-shirts. The owner of each of the top 5 teams at the end of the 2nd season will get 1 GSoM Store item of your choice. Everything in the store is dope so just pick an item and we'll deliver it to you.

This could be your prize!

Sorry folks, there's no prize for the first season.

Sign up for GSoM Fantasy Hoops: Part II

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