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Recap: Warriors 120, Knicks 101 - A Little Action Jackson for Valentine's?

Well Happy Valentine's to us Warrior fans! Tonight we enjoyed watching them beat the New York Knicks with ease. It was like a date with destiny and our star was the incredible Action Jackson.

Special thanks to Sleepy Freud

These are the types of games I enjoy watching as a Warrior fan. What I don't understand is why we can't see more games like this. From the tip off to the final buzzer, we dominated in every single category. Even though we struggled in the third allowing the Knicks to cut the lead in half, we were still able to cruise through the fourth and secure the win.

"Man, we're getting crushed and I don't have a Valentine's date! Hold me!" - Curry

The Warriors scored 62 points in the first half, never trailed, and at halftime they had held the Knicks to a miniscule 38 points. You could see the Knicks were on vacation mentally and didn't have a good flow. The most impressive part of the game was the fact that we shot an amazing 60% from the field and 52.4% from behind the arc. With those percentages we can't lose! I think we also did a great job spreading the ball around and Ellis played the point perfectly.

Here are the players who stood us up and those who shined:
Who stood us up tonight?
Baron was out due to knee surgery.
Pietrus has an ankle sprain.
JRich won't be back till next week.
Cabarkapa is out ... well I don't really know why.

Who showed up tonight? Here's my top 4 players:

Azubuike: I say it over and over, "I love this guy!" I can't believe he came out of nowhere and contributes right off the bat. His basketball IQ is impressive, but how come we never hear the announcers say that?

Robinson: He's not a Warrior, but with his size I consider him one. This guy is fun to watch and he had a nice night even while being guarded by Ellis. He led the Knicks with 23 points but it wasn't enough.

Ellis: Keep him on point until Baron gets back. His 7 assists and 23 points were highlighted by a couple sweet moves and fancy plays. I wouldn't mind seeing him start along side Azubuike from now on! There I said it!

Warrior Wonder: Action Jackson Baby: Lets see, he had 21 points in the first half and ended the night with 36. He shot a staggering 61% from the field and 50% from 3pt territory. Even though the Warriors kept giving him the ball because he was on fire, he remained unselfish as he found the open guy to lead the team with 8 assists.

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