Good Luck Monta!

Hey Hey Hey! My first diary post, and I'm not really going to put out anything up for too much debate.

Dear Diary,
why is Monta Ellis so awesome?

Just wanted to throw out some love to everybody's favorite sophomore surprise, Monta Ellis. I hope he has a great game and show's the country just how sensational he is in tonight's rookie/soph game.

I guess these "pretend" games are weird in the sense that anything can happen, but... any predictions for tonight? Who will win? How will Monta do? ...How will Monta do at the casinos now that he's the big 21? Enjoy it Mr. Ellis, birthdays lose their pizazz after that one.

One thing I can predict with certainty however, is that Tim Hardaway will most likely not be watching the game at a bar on Polk St.

Go Warriors!

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