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Rumor: Warriors Interested in Jason Kidd

From the always entertaining Peter Vecsey of the New York Post:

Within the last week the Warriors, I'm informed, have communicated interest in the Oakland-native and certainly flaunt more than enough assets to outbid the Lakers for his services. I do not know the principles involved, or even if an actual offer was made.

Would the Nets accept, say, Jason Richardson (four years and $55M left after this one), Adonal Foyle (two years and $19M) and rising-free-agent Michael Pietrus? If Jason Collins (two years and $12.3M) were included in the deal, most certainly!

I always joke that if Vecsey says something is going to happen, there's no way in hell it's actually going to happen. Jokes aside, Vecsey was the first one to write about Allen Iverson being traded, so maybe there's some truth about a Kidd to the Dubs deal.

Judging from the GSoM community's posts any time Jason Richardson is mentioned in a trade rumor, most people here would be sent to tears if the Warriors moved him. The reasons are manifold: he's the heart and soul of this team, unlike Warrior owner Chris Cohan and President Robert Rowell he's in touch with the fans, and before this year's nasty injuries you could bank on him to step up his game to the next level every season.

The Duke Killa.

As for Kidd, how could you not love this East Bay product? He's aged like fine wine and is the closest thing this league has to Oscar Robertson right now. Kidd is currently dropping an eye-popping 14.3ppg, 8.0 rpg, 8.7 apg, and 1.7 thefts (check his numbers). He would immediately help the Warriors in areas which they struggle mightily- ball handling, passing, rebounding, defense, and court savvy.

Props to loyal GSoM community member mike d for linking to this rumor. Head on over to his diary j-kidd coming home? for more discussion about JKidd as a Warrior.

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99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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