Here we go 8th spot...

So far 2 of the teams we're competing with for the 8th spot has lost tonight (the T-Wolves and the Hornets) with the Clips going up for an automatic loss against the Suns with a returning Nash.  When the Clippers lose we'll be in a three-way tie for the 9th spot with the T-Wolves half a game ahead.  Tomorrow will hopefully seperate us from the rest... the Wolves have another game against the Bobcats (who just beat the Hornets tonight) and the Hornets go against the Nets (who I will wish the best of luck to... go Kidd to Carter!) while we'll be left with the Grizz... (please trade Pau tomorrow... make it that much easier for us).  If all goes well... we'll be half a game over the Clips, a whole game over the Wolves and a game and a half over the Hornets... I know there are still people who are against "tanking the season" and are for the PLAYOFFS!!  Who's with me? Update [2007-2-21 2:16:3 by mightymadskillz]:

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